Jared Allen Comments on Brett Favre's Decision to Stay Retired

Jared Allen spoke to Jay Glazer about Brett Favre‘s decision to leave the pads hanging right where they are.

“I just got off the phone with Brad, and Brett said he’s staying retired,” the defensive end said. “He said he couldn’t deal with the daily grind. He said he felt like he let us down before it got started.

“You know what, we were never really sure he was coming anyway, so we’ve always backed up Tarvaris (Jackson) and Sage (Rosenfels). We feel we can win with the guys we have here. I’m glad it’s over.”

Well, Jared can say the players were always backing T-Jack and Sage, but the question is, do T-Jack and Sage feel like the organization had their backs, or has the Favre saga filled them with a bitterness that will linger?

Hopefully those guys are professional enough to let it roll off their backs – even if they have all the reason in the world to feel like they have been jerked around.

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  • Mike

    Come on Dale.  Favre is just piling it on thicker and deeper.  He said a couple of weeks ago he would join the Vikings if it were only two weeks from the season and Minnesota was closer to Mississippi.  He did not want to live in a dorm in Mankato away from his family and I doubt his wife would let him.  He wants to buy a condo near Winter Park, live there with his family and commute to work each day.  What other job asks you to go live in a dorm somewhere for weeks away from your family?  Ok for younger single guys like Percy, but not older married guys, especially if they can’t be trusted to remain celibate. 

  • Macho Man

    Mike is right.  Deanna would go nuts thinking about all the 20 year old hotties hitting on Favre in Mankato when he says he is in the dorm.  I don’t care what Dave the Dallas fan thinks, she ain’t that hot.

  • Mike

    NFL.com’s Jason La Canfora thinks Favre will play:


  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    oh how wrong you are man, that woman is smokin. brett wouldbe a fool to leave her for a month to go stay in a dorm with a bunch of guys? i ain’t the smartest guy in the world, but i ain’t retarded either. that would be just plain retarded. farve hates camp. always has. but he lives for football. once his hated camp is almost over, his beloved oportunity to play is 3 weeks closer, the itch to play for the vikes, his 3 week more healed arm, and his 39 yearold heart will drive him back to the game one more time. this old married guy thinks so.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    oh, and he will drive deanna so crazy that she will call childress herself asking him to let brett come and play.???? what the hell do you guys think is going on in the farve estate these days. football rehab!!!!!!!!! he is still working out, why???? to keep his ass from getting fat because deanna likes it? na……he’s gonna play…..one more year. i believe that as long as farve is under 40, he thinks he can still go. now he’s doubtful because of the grueling camp. that is hard on an old body. but the fire of the season heals one fast, especialy if they are winning?????? i think i’m right. vikeman says yes. mike says yes. my uncle packer pete says yeah ho, this is farve. mariuchi says don’t say goodbye so soon. lombardi says he still thinks so. bus cook says maybe. when has he ever said that? farve has even indicated “maybe” NOT NEVER………so there you go. how much more evidence do we need people?

  • Macho Man

    Men are attracted to variety.  Just like male sheep copulations are propostional to the number of female sheep placed in the pen.  Deanna would never trust Favre away in a pen of hot 20 year olds at their highest reproductive state.  Men like young women.  Like my hero Hugh Hefner always says I like all women from 18 to the ripe old age of 23. 

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hey 33, 43, and damn it 53 ain’t bad either. looking at it from the right side of 47.

  • Mike

    More bulletin board material for Brett Favre.  Now he must unretire or Green Bay Packers management will laugh at him. 


  • lorenzo4

    That just really burns my tush. The Murphy/Thompson cabal still trying to spin what many will consider the worst decision in Packer history, if for no other reason than pure decency. Come back Brett and show them to be the creepy little worms they really are. Good post:http://bleacherreport.com/articles/227337-the-vikings-shouldnt-burn-the-brett-favre-bridge-yet

  • Brett Favre

    That does it, I’m playing for the Vikings!

  • http://landryhat VIKEMAN

    I don’t think that is really Brett Favre? Do You guys? It’s ok if it is though. We know Your’re coming Brett, no doubt in our minds.

  • Jim

    No Vikeman, that’s Danzinski pretending to be Brett Favre.

  • Mike

    Why would he do that, Dunz hates Favre, and just wants him to go away?

  • Mike

    Childress about pursuing Farve:  “I mean, these guys are signing up for one of the most volatile jobs in society, and it’s not for long. They are competitors, and I just saw absolutely no downside in investigating a guy that’s played in this division, is an All-Pro, knows this system and still has the physical talents to play this game.”  If and when Favre decides to play there is no downside to signing him.