Useless Training Camp Tweet o' the Day

Today’s useless training camp tweet comes to us courtesy of the Star-Trib’s Chip Scoggins, who moments ago tweeted the following:

Berrian collides with madieu williams on catch. Ripped his shirt in the process.

Who ripped their shirt?  BerrianWilliams?  Not only does the tweet refer to an utterly meaningless training camp play, it doesn’t even give us all the information we need.  We only know that some poor schmo is going to have to sew up someone’s uniform while that someone is off watching Shark Week or playing poker.

Topics: Bernard Berrian, Chip Scoggins, Madieu Williams

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  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    people that are closest to farve; mariuchi, king, mortenson….etc…. are all saying that he’s still working out to get in shape for what they believe will be a comeback with the vikes. he’ll bypass as much camp as he can for 2 reasons; first he hates it and says it’s useless. and he wants not to stir up the circus so the guys can focus on camp. that is the facts that we’ve been told by these “authorities” on the matter. so believe it or not, this is whats going on now. i can see what farev is trying to do. he’s met with chilly already and probably has talked thru his doubts on the matter, but has asked not to close the door completely. chilly has indicated that somewhat also. the only thing farve needs camp for is for wr timing.????? i week of all out concentration with those guys and that can be a done deal? come on??????? where is anyone’s common sense to all this. FARVE WILL BE A VIKING THIS YEAR.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    once he signs, look at how much attention the vikes will recieve. farve knows this and is trying to downsize that part of it. ziggy knows the importance of what farve can do for the attention and draw in ticket sales to keep the vikes in minnesota. this will be the financial windfall ziggs needs to get it done. i’m sure with money like this on the line. you’ll see farve in purple, or you’ll see the vikes heading out in the next 3 years? it’s reality people. money, draw, tickets, revenge, championships???????

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    exactly, why would farve want to go thru that physically when he’s already concerned about 17 weeks? he will not beat him self up for that. but everyone knows he’ll BE READY???????

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    mike, i want in on that bet too. that is way to easy. i agree with you 100%. if farve does’nt show by the time the season rolls around week 1 or 2……i’m saying for sure by wk 2. i will walk away and never blog here again. i’m that sure. i’ve got vikeman all over this and he is just stayin firm on it. he says his sources confirm pretty much everything i’ve written. thats where i’m getting it from. vikeman is always right about the vikes. i’ve never seen him fall.

  • PJD

    That’s some sexy sounding Tweets if I ever heard ‘em. Zulgad can do better than that though …

    “Booty takes ball from Sullivans crotch, spews lazers at Harvin, bounces off face”

    Awwwwww yeeeaaaaahhh!

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    yes mike, the burning and never ending question; WHY, WHY WHY. this is what these nay-sayers can’t get thru there damn head. whay did he go thru, and more importantly…..still doing……if not to make a comeback???????

  • Me Chuck too!!!

    Dave ,
    I really hope you and Mike are right…

  • lorenzo4

    The power of Favre. ExRedskin (Marylander), ExPackr fan here.This is the only site I go to where hope springs eternal for another year of Favre. But what is really weird is that I’ve spent so much time on Vikings news and forums that I think I might just well end up a Vikings fan EVEN IF (god forbid) BF doesn’t unretire and join the Vikings.
    As much as I’m dying to see Favre play another year…IT’S GOT TO BE FOR THE VIKES. I completely sympathize with Vikings Favre supporters. It’s just such a freaking match made in heaven. Like Destiny. (TJ going iffy,,,just another sign)

  • Chuckie

    I keep coming back to …….”Favre’s friends and family have bought up hotel rooms for the Vikes game at Lambeau.” If this is true there is NO doubt Favre is coming back.

  • SupaFan

    Listen guys, I am so frickin’ tired of hearing Bret Farves name associated with the Vikings.  I’m pleading “Please stop it.”   It isn’t as if Bret Farve is a Tom Bradey who is in the prime of his career and has won 3 Super bowl rings this decade.  He is a great quarter back who throws far to many picks and is well past his prime, but more than that he will forever be known as a Green bay Packer.  This isn’t Darrin Sharper or Longwell, this is the most iconic a$$fu#k to the green and gold  since Vince Lombardy.  I’ve cheered against him for 16 curse filled years and I don’t want to be torn as to only cheering for part of my team.  Your willingness to accept him as a member of the purple reminds me of the Robert Johnson story.  A man who went down to the crossroads and sold his soul to the devil in order to learn to play the guitar.  This is parallel to bringing in #4 in order to win games, I say “Screw that.”  It’s not as if Farve is going to push our favorite team over the edge and win it all for us.  
    Besides, the coaching is so poor Chilly will screw it up for the Vikes long before any title.  

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    jim, i don’t have a link, but……..mariuchi was quoted on nfl net. that farve is indeed still working out……mortensen on espn was quoted on a follow up to ed the spread werder, that although farve said he was not coming out of retirement, he still continued his workouts. and someone on this blog mentioned that peter king had said that farve continues workouts. ????? so that is where i base my assumptions that he is still trying to build his arm strength??? it would only make sense anyway as part of rehab from his surgery?

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    but jim, yes i do have to bring the vikeman into it because he indeed brought it to my attention that the little fat bastard mariuchi said farve is still workin. vikeman says, comeon even a marine like me can figure that one out???? well, first off vikeman’s name is phil. he looks exactly like phil collins, the singer. actually i call him phil collins. he hates it, so i don’t know where he gets off callin mariuchi that fat little bastard? he ain’t built like a runner, but he’s got “football fan stamina” he says. vikeman is out there, but i love him, he’s the greatest viking fan i’ve ever seen, and he will always tell it like it is. he won’t tell you wrong, count on it.

  • Chuckie


    It’s this simple. I’ve been a vikings fan since the days of Fran the man and I’m TIRED of being a 10-6 losing in the first couple of rounds of the playoffs, team (at best). The time to win the superbowl is NOW. This is a very good team without Favre, but it will NOT win or even come close to winning the superbowl without him. May not win it with him, but at least with Favre the vikes have a shot.
    If you want to stay in the Dennis Greenlike mediocre funk we’re in, fine, but I’m tired of it. Enough is enough, it’s time to finally win the superbowl. PERIOD!!!!

  • Devin

    You know, reading these comments I don’t know what’s a stupider thought…the thought that Brett can come into the locker room after skipping camp and lead this team to the Super Bowl or the “you don’t need to be in great shape to be a pocket QB.”  That’s some nasty Kool-Aid you guys are drinking.

  • Devin

    Ok, I was wrong before….

    I know which one is stupider.  It’s the not being in shape to be a pocket QB.  The Vikings were one of the worst teams against the blitz last year.  This year they should be much better with the addition of Loadholt, but that doesn’t mean that team will not get pressure.  It’s a fact of life in the NFL.  If your QB is not in good shape then he’s going to get hit, and often.  In addition to that if a player isn’t in good shape then they are going to get hurt more often (especially as they get older). 

    Mike, as always, you take unintelligent and run with it to a new level.  Congrats.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    yes jim, i did actually hear mariuchi say, on the net,  that farve was still working out and with the coversations he’s had with brett over the last few weeks, he did say that he believes farve will still try to make a comeback, based on his opinion. thats good info for me. peter king and mortensen did there usual here’s the thing statement, what does this mean thing.?????thats the thing about mortensen that drives me crazy. watch him. thats his MO……he’ll give the info, and then say “well, you go figure.” what kind of reporting is that?????? but i’ll do the same here. thats where i got my info, and thats where i based my assumptions. and thats why i said sources close to farve believe he will make a comeback. i don’t think these guys say this stuff if they don’t personally believe it?

  • SupaFan

    I have no idea as why you think that the Vikings will win the Super bowl no matter who the QB is.  What in Childresses tenure as the head coach makes you believe that he has what it takes to win in the playoffs.  Could it be his great clock management skills, his implementation of a two minute offense, or his ability to make blocking or scheme changes during the course of the game?  
    Childress was brought in for two reasons, 1) to bring discipline to the players off the field, 2) to mentor a young QB the way he did in Philly.  As we all know McNabbs success as an Eagle has had everything to do with Childresss’ ability to teach, and nothing to do with McNabb ability, talent, or being drafted #2 overall.  Furthermore anyone can tell Childress was an essential part of the winning ways for the Eagles, as to their huge drop in success their team has experienced since his departure.
         You mentioned Dennis Green.  I hated him as our coach.  His clock management skills were perhaps the worst I’ve ever seen.  However he did have a winning record 9 of 10 years with the team, and brought them to the playoffs 8 of those 10 seasons.  He also had the ability to win in the post season.  Even Tice who was way over his head as a head coach did more with far less talent.
         Childress, leaves his most explosive weapon on the sidelines during 3rd down.  He shows little imagination in alignment schemes.  The predictability of his play calling is sad at best, but then again why should it be.  Even as Offensive coordinator in Philly he wasn’t trusted to call the offensive plays. 
         The position on the vikings that needs the most upgrade isn’t that of QB its Head Coach!

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    and farve brings intrigue, excitement, and revenge against GB. he sells tickets and merchandise. he fills the dome again. no blackouts for ’09-10 seasons. he puts money and maybe a championship in minnesota that lets this team maybe, STAY.? that, too, is why farve is worth the risk.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Dave, i hope you and Mike are right about Favre still becoming a Viking. I have given up on him after his decision not to return, but i know that he is known for changing his mind, more times than not. Being a long time fan like Mike, Vikeman , Chuck and the others, we’re use to dissapointment and frustration over all these years and i just cannot bear another first round playoff loss, or even worse, not making the playoffs at all. I know we ( the Vikings) have great loyal fans around the country, and i believe many are upset with Favre’s decision. Dave, you’re right that Favre would sell out games each week, and bring back excitement to the fans, especially at the QB position. I have to disagree with Supafan about Favre and Coach Childress. Hey, we all know about the poor play-calling, clock management and leaving A.P. on the bench on third downs. Childress can improve as a coach, and a player like Favre can make Childress look like a great coach, rather then an average one, real quick. Remember Hank Stramm, former coach of the Chiefs? A QB named Len Dawson made a good coach look great. It’s hard to back an unproven QB like Sage or the same old inconsistent passing skills of T-Jack, but as a fan you may not have a choice the way things are going so far. It’s almost like you can sense that the offense may fail, but you still have faith in our great defense.