Brett Favre Press Conference: Re-Live the Magic

Am I the only one who teared up when he started talking about his daughter wanting him to win one more Super Bowl?

No, I didn’t tear up because I was touched…I teared up because hitting your head against the wall over and over again really hurts.

You won’t ever convince me that Chilly just called him out of the blue on Monday and they whipped this thing together. I stand by my assertion that it was planned this way all along. We were played. The other players were played. The media were played.

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  • PJD

    We were played with more than Big Ben’s rape accuser? More than a 14 year old boys wang bone? More than everyone who bought a ticket to GI Joe? All of the above? Yesterday was the worst day ever. I still feel hung over about all of this.

    Who’s got a full transcript of this debacle of a conference?

  • Dave

    Get over it Mr negative. It is what it is, and it is a done deal. Can you say anything good about the team or is everything that you post negative? I came to your site to read about and support the vikings and other fans. I am not sure that you are a fan at all. Support the team!!

  • lorenzo4

    soooo, this is now officially a Favre-hater site. goodbye.

  • All Day 28

    Awww Danzi, you will eventually drink the Kool Aid and enjoy Favre bringing plenty of attention to the Vikings media wise and revenue wise as well as his play. And if not then well you can always cross over and become a fudge packer fan

  • No Use For A Name

    Favre certainly is a huge upgrade over our other QB´s, period. Of course one can be pissed off about the smokescreens that were being set up and the whole drama revolving around Lord Farve all offseason, but well, that´s Favre.

    Sure enough he was the face of the “enemy” for well over a decade, but he´s on OUR sideline now. All things considered I´m very excited about what the Vikes could achieve this season with Farve under Center, much more excited as I would be if we´d be going into this season with Sage (who I trust a little) and T-Joke (who I don´t trust at all – feeling sorry for him, but the dude is a bust).

    After all, if you wanna win big, you gotta risk big! This ball club is ready NOW!

  • xpackerfan

    You know, I really liked this sight when Mike was here.  Positive, up-beat a true Viking fan.  I read this negative crap and it sounds more like a Packer fan running a Viking Blog.  Last night I wanted to see what the Packer’s had to say.  Did not join, left no comment, just read and scanned them, and was embarassed of what was written post after post of the ignorance and meanness about the man (Brett) whom did the most for the Packers and was their idol for YEARS.  IF his contract was up and he left to become a Viking, I’d remain a Packer fan and he would of ticked me off.  It didn’t happen that way, so I elect to stand behind the man that gave me , year after year, good or bad and not join in the kick him in the ass like the Packers did.  I am soooooo  @#!*$ by this, if I saw TT last night I would of told him off, how dare he do this to me and sock him in the face, and I never hit a person in my life or even thought of it.  I’m still so ticked he let this all go down, to as low as him.  NOW the joke is on him and I’ll be laughing with the Vikings. The Packer fans now  think so little of this “old man”, “has been”, etc., why should they care IF he’s not a major threat and all they talk about is brining him off their field in pieces. I was embarassed and understood, besides the Vikings having a superior team, why Brett wanted to come to Minny, a hell of a lot more class…now I wonder PJD why you’re here,lost?  The cheese they wear (never could do) on their heads is no wonder why its swiss, full of  holes! The press is the one who made this a circus, followed Brett like a rock star and it was the news media that made this a joke/circus and if the man farted, reported it.  PJD sounds like your piece of cheese you wear is a little too tight.  Who on this planet, unless you are not a true football fan did not understand Brett would not sign up until somewhere in pre-season.  He’s not planning on playing for just the season, he could of stayed with the Jets.  You’ve got the play-offs and Super Bowl .  If you were the owner, coach, and unless you had a lobotomy, Brett will turn FORTY on October 10th, would you rather have him at pratice, the man has 18 years in the Pro’s, and play ALL no count games, or still be at the top of his game at then end.  This is Brett’s  territory,does not need football 101 here, just get use to the players and the players with him, and all has adequate time…these are well paid PRO’s.  You do believe in your team, don’t you? Speaking of  class, John Booty is a class act to give up his number, hope he was paid big bucks and Brett still owe’s him 4ever.

    Brett Favre is a Viking, your/our QB, won’t win every game, he plays football not toss the ball, so there will be interceptions, he gives you 110%, give it back. BONUS, the economy is in your field also, enjoy.

    Brett has an official sight, approx. 150 new members joined yesterday…go there Viking fans are there.

  • Dakota

    I don’t see why some Vikings fans aren’t happy about getting Favre… It’s disgusting that you guys actually thought we could do anything with Rosenfag and T-Joke… Favre is the missing peice to a very hard Vikings puzzle…

  • No Use For A Name

    My thougths exactly, Dakota. Vikings will be very, very scary this season!

  • Dakota

    Yeah… they have so many weapons!

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Dakota, My brother is also a Vikings fan, but he does’nt like the idea of bringing Favre in, it’s mainly because some fans don’t get over the past as easily as others. Favre killed us many times in division games, while with the Pack. I think once Favre dawns the Purple#4 and we start winning games, all will soon be forgotten, and the naysayers will jump on board. But, if for some foresaken reason the Vikes fall apart due to poor passing by Favre, it won’t be long until fans run him out of town. I just can’t see how he could fail, everything is there for the taking.  

  • Dakota

    Exactly… I just wish people would realize that he’s here to win… Forget about all the times he beat us… I have! Most of the times we lost wasnt because of him in directly… we have had some shitty teams in the past

  • xpackerfan

    Ghost writter….booo. Give me your shun bs, just treat your  new qb better.

  • Thom Moll

    Fran, the Woman. (love the Vikings penchant for picking QBs with effeminate names like Fran, like “Parsley, Sage, RoseWade, and Fran”).
    The old joke was:
    Q: What do you call a Viking with a Super Bowl ring?
    A: Fran the Thief.
    Newest version:
    Q: What do you call a Viking with a Super Bowl ring?
    A: Brett Favre (as in THIS YEAR).
    Quit your incessant moaning & groaning about an icon with a status you could only dream about, Fran Asbury, the Woman.
    And please…as long as your “That’s Incredible!” series is still on re-runs, don’t talk about football. Don’t talk about Brett. And change your hose.

  • xpackerfan

    Hi, Thom  Moll, damn your are refressing.  Are you a “plant” ?

  • Thom Moll

    Sorry, xpack… I’m not a plant, nor a mineral. But thanks for the refressing complement.

    I agree with most of your opinions about the circus they call Favre.

    Basically, I’ve always been a true-green & gold pack fan.

    As far as Favre goes, this is my smack-down opinon:

    1) Favre and Pack both screwed up, as far as the divorce.
    2) Pack *really* screwed up by a) kicking him out the back door, but most importantly, by b) forcing him to exile to the AFC.

    I didn’t have any reservations about a), but why b)?

    That sucked, and forced Favre to spend a year in the AFC (with those god-awful prissy Fran Tarkenton uniforms). Then, he got his wish: Let me play any frickin’ where I want to (re: Vikings).

    God bless Favre. Keep playing, screw the media circus, keep ‘em guessing, and if you hate the holy one, you ain’t a true sports fan.

    Like I said, I’m a Pack Fan (but may wean myself off this year, depending…), but I will *always* be a huge Favre fan.

    Damn, he’s like Benjamin Button… keeps looking older, but getting better at having fun.

    Moral of the story:  It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

    Peace, out. Go Ben, er, Brett.

  • xpackerfan

    Thorn Moll,  nice job.   Been gold & green since 1964, too funny spent $$$$ on tucks, botox, eye lifts,etc. and I gave a clue to my age.  Brett Favre think you just ticked me off!

    Its your day, make it what you want.