Tarvaris Jackson Will Most Likely be Traded

This morning’s Star-Trib reports that the Vikings have called teams and asked what they would be willing to give up in exchange for Tarvaris Jackson.  I don’t know, a 7th?  Maybe a 6th?  For a guy with 2+ years of starting experience, a shaky health history and loads of question marks?

I really don’t care what the Vikings get in any trade for T-Jack – I just want him gone.  Bye bye.  Seeya.

Sorry, but the T-Jack act has long-since grown tired.  The bit where he wows everyone in practice/preseason, then looks like a clueless fool when it counts.

Okay, maybe T-Jack would make a decent back-up, going on the premise that he’s better when he doesn’ t know he’s going to start (sort of like some pitchers whose mentalities make them better relievers than starters).  But then it just boils down to a choice between Jackson and Sage Rosenfels, and frankly, I take Sage.

I have more faith in Sage’s ability to provide a steady, reliable back-up.  I realize this is based partly on unfamiliarity with Sage but I don’t care.  I’ve seen enough T-Jack to know I’ve seen too much.

Gonna get that embroidered on a pillow.

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  • http://www.realfakesports.blogspot.com RFS

    6th or a 7th round pick? How about a bag of footballs?

  • http://purplejesus.wordpress.com/ PJD

    I’d take a Dome Dog for him, but already have a ton of those …

    In reality, I don’t blame TJ for sucking. He didn’t ask to be drafted here, as high as he was, and put in the position he was put in by Childress, with no other back up plan at QB. I put this all on Childress. If TJ would have turned out that would have been awesome, but it’s painfully obvious that he won’t, at least in time to have impact on this team or doing so here, so it’s best for him to look elsewhere.

    Again, Fritos, FunYuns, anything would be a good trade for TJ.

  • Josh

    Been the best Quarterback we’ve had on the roster the last two years, like it or not. Has always been a class act and kept his head down, yet gets completely shit on by the local fans. I’ve always liked the kid and I’ll be sad to see him go (also god help us if Sage Rosenfels takes over. I don’t want my backup Rosencoptering all over the field). Hope he goes somewhere and performs well.

    Man, I really can’t stand this blog.

  • dks

    I, guess, as a blog owner, you can have your cake and eat it too.
    “I want T-Jack gone.”
    “I don’t want Favre here.”
    So I’m guessing you’d be happy with Sage as the starter and JD Booty as the backup. Period. ???

    I will agree that Sage has proven that he is a capable backup and can even start a stretch of games during the season if need be. And this is arguably the most talented team he might ever have to start for (on both sides of the ball).

  • Chuckie

    It’s not about class act or anything like that……bottom line is TJoke has had a few years to prove himself a quality NFL QB and has failed miserably. Great QB’s are great from the moment they step on the field and TJoke has been the polar opposite of that. He has had a few moments here and there but all of us remember the bad (which tend to come with the game on the line). To name two first game against Green Bay last year….had a chance to pull it out and TJoke overthrows a wide open reciever and it’s picked off behind him…game over. and second one was of course the playoff game against Philly. The pick just before halftime just can’t happen and combine that with sucking the entire second half and BAMM……enter Brett Favre. At least Favre won’t pee on himself with the game on the line.

  • xpackerfan

    Glanced,????. You just bought an awesome QB, enjoy.

  • Favre H8R

    Look at who some of the talking heads are picking to win the NFC North.

    We asked 11 National Football League television analysts or announcers to pick the NFC North champion this season.

    Their comments suggest the title will be won by either the Green Bay Packers or the defending champion Minnesota Vikings:

    Jimmy Johnson (Fox studio analyst): “I’m picking Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers, with what he did last year, even though some of it was not at the end of games. But overall, for the season he had, for the preseason he has had, being the head man in that offense, I think they are going to be good, . . .  With all the buzz that you have in Minnesota, and the buzz that you have in Chicago, I think the Packers are the team to beat in that division.”

    Troy Aikman (Fox game analyst): “I am still sticking with Green Bay for a couple of reasons. I like what they did during the off-season. I have played against Dom Capers in a lot of big games. I know what he can do. I think he is really going to help that defensive group. . . .  Aaron Rodgers had an excellent year last year and doing it with everyone watching. He held up to the scrutiny. He did that very well.”

    Chris Berman (ESPN studio host): “Aaron Rodgers was the best player on the team last year. Now they look like they are going to have a better team all the way around him, starting with defense. Certainly if we are to judge them on the preseason, the Packers (look good). I put them ahead of the Bears. . . .  I would still rate the Vikings the favorite with the Packers right behind. Suddenly the quarterback play in the division is a hell of a lot more interesting than it was a year ago.”

    Keyshawn Johnson (ESPN studio analyst): “Minnesota will win that division and Green Bay will finish in second and everybody else will just toss it up in the air. Chicago, they don’t have any receivers. That’s a big question mark for them. And Detroit is Detroit.”

    Steve Young (ESPN studio analyst): “When was the last time you had four compelling quarterback stories in the NFC North? It’s been a dead zone for quarterbacks for so many years, other than in Green Bay. It’s fascinating. Talking about it is fun for once. If you would have asked me this question a year ago, I would have fallen asleep, just because it was so boring. Now it’s actually an interesting question and fun to talk about because we have no idea how Chicago and Minnesota will deal with quarterbacks. With Brett, we have no idea what November, December, January will look like for Brett at his age. You just don’t know. I’m sure Brett doesn’t know. Chicago – Jay (Cutler) is Jay. That’s why he’s not in Denver. There are a lot of reasons why that didn’t work out. You ask me who is going to win the NFC North? The most substantive players, who have been there, who have put work in, are in Green Bay. . . .  For the first time since forever I’m actually interested in what’s happening in that division.”

    Cris Carter (ESPN studio analyst): “Brett and the weapons he has are better than any of the other defenses. Minnesota is the favorite. Their schedule Week 4 through 8 is very, very tough. They play the Packers twice, Pittsburgh sandwiched in there. Their season could pretty much be decided by the time they get the bye week in Week 9.”

    Marshall Faulk (NFL Network studio analyst): “The Packers. Last year, with all that was going on with Brett Favre, the Packers took a step backwards. Aaron Rodgers had a decent year. What I have seen from him this year, he will have even a better year than last year. The running game will be better with Ryan Grant in place. The offensive line is pretty good. And what they have done on defense. . . .  They are not going to put their corners out on an island, playing man-to-man all the time.”

    Michael Irvin (NFL Network studio analyst): “It’s going to be sad. A lot of us out here look at Brett Favre and we love him, appreciate all that he has done. But Green Bay is about to beat him again. That’s just how it is going to end up. Green Bay is the best team in the North.”

    Ron Jaworski (ESPN game analyst): “The Minnesota Vikings are the team to beat not only in the NFC North, but in the NFC, period. I think they are a complete football team.”

    Mike Tirico (ESPN game announcer): “I like Green Bay. . . .  I like the way their (defensive) personnel feel about the 3-4. Can they physically do it? We won’t know until we see it. But I liked what I saw in their confidence when I was up there. Dom Capers is a heck of a defensive coach. That’s an area that let them down. . . .  Aaron is a year better. The group that is around him is pretty good.”

    Jon Gruden (ESPN game analyst): “I think this is going to be a knockdown, drag-out division this year. I’m more excited to follow this division than any other division in football. Three new quarterbacks. You talk about Brett Favre playing for Minnesota, (Matthew) Stafford in Detroit, the guy in Chicago, (Jay) Cutler. And Aaron Rodgers might be better than all of them.”

  • purplepeopleeater

    if brett goes down with sage we are done… when you can’t handle preseason business i don’t want to see him on the field when it counts…. i never even heard of sage until the trade. brett want be around for long and we need to be stable at qb.