More Vindication for Darren Sharper

In the wake of his departure from Minnesota, Darren Sharper blasted the team’s defensive approach, saying it was too conservative, and didn’t allow “playmakers to be playmakers.”  The implication being that, had the Vikes utilized him better, his interception numbers would not have dwindled as dramatically as they did, going from 9 in 2005 all the way to 1 in 2008.

Some – like me – laughed at Darren’s arrogance, and suggested his drop-off in performance had less to do with the Vikings’ scheme than his own diminished skills.

I guess the joke is on me and the other scoffers, because after another interception today, Sharper has four on the season – four times more than he had last year with the Vikes, and the same number he put up in the 2006 and 2007 seasons respectively.

And today’s INT was spectacular – a 99-yard pick-six against Mark Sanchez and the Jets.

So I guess I owe Darren Sharper an apology.  Sorry Darren.  You were right – you still have it.  Maybe the Vikings should’ve let you freelance it a little more the last couple of years.

You’re still an idiot for that remark about wanting to “run through” Adrian Peterson‘s chest though.  He would knock the nail polish right off you.

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  • thatguy

    While I don’t deny that Sharper has impressed this year thus far…but he’s played against some pretty terrible offensive teams (even the Eagles who started Kolb). Sanchez made a rookie mistake like I thought that he would eventually and he blew this game. I’m glad for Sharper, he’s a good guy, but if anyone goes and tells me that he’s better in NO than he was in MIN, I will laugh b/c the caliber of opponents played thus far just doesn’t match up.

  • CCC

    the guy is solid

    even when he finally nears his end – I’d still want him for his leadership

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