Antoine Winfield Claims Foot Not Broken

A report by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen earlier on Sunday said that Antoine Winfield was suffering from a fractured foot and might miss as many as six weeks.

Antoine Winfield would like to kindly disagree with that report.  The cornerback says the foot is only sprained, and that his status is day-to-day, meaning he could conceivably play Sunday against the Packers.

Given the way the Vikings tore up the Packers’ offensive line in their first meeting, knocking around Aaron Rodgers in the process, the defense should be able to survive if Antoine needs another week off.

And it wasn’t like they were terrible today against the SteelersBen Roethlisberger completed only 14 of 26 passes for 175 yards and 1 TD.

Everyone expected the Steelers to study the Ravens‘ performance against the Vikings from last week and light up the scoreboard.  But, for whatever reason, it didn’t happen.

Hopefully, Antoine is telling the truth and ESPN is wrong, and we won’t have to worry anymore about trying to line up without him.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • http://thevikingage gary walter

    the Vikings didn’t play a soft zone much. The corners were much tighter today. It should be something they continue. The soft zone killed them.

  • minisi008

    The defense secondary looked a lot better than previous games, and its probably because they are playing that soft zone. I watch the Titan’s soft zone get eaten up all day last week that look exactly like the second half of the RAVENS game, which frustrate a lot. The Coaching needs to stick to the game plan and continue to allow the defense to play strong…Another frustration is two passes on 1st Down and Goal inside the 1yard line???? “Don’t understand the play calling”, especially with Adrian Peterson in your backfield…

  • minisi008

    Sorry, because they are not playing that weak soft zone….talk about take the wind out of your sails…

  • 3rdStoneFromTheSun

    hopefully he will be OK, because the guy is great