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A Blow-Out Becomes a Nailbiter - Again

We’ve seen this bit before.  The Vikings build a big lead, only to watch their defense go softer than Minnesota snow, letting the other team back in.

That’s why, as the Packers clawed their way up from the bottom of a 24-3 well in the second half today, we experienced such a sinking feeling.

Aaron Rodgers, after spending the first half getting battered, finally got some pass protection, and began finding the gaping holes in the Viking defense.  And the Packers got close enough to make a game of it.

But, as was the case during the 4th quarter defensive meltdown against the Ravens, the Vikings had enough answers to keep the game from slipping away.

Today it was Percy Harvin, and Brett Favre with timely plays, and Adrian Peterson with big runs and catches when they were needed.

And, yes, the defense did step up and make a couple of plays to keep the slide from becoming an avalanche.

So the Vikings held on against the Packers, making Brett Favre’s homecoming a triumphant one.  What could’ve been a massacre ended up being merely a solid win.  The Vikes go into the bye 7-1 and in charge of the division.

And I need to stock up on aspirin and Pepto.

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  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Yes, as a long time fan, i’ve seen it happen way too many times, but one thing is for sure, we always know when it starts, right after Robinson fumbles the kickoff. It’s almost like watching two different defenses, what happened to the pressure up front? The main difference this year is having so many offensive weapons, we’ll always strike back fast. Percy, Adrian, Sydney, Brett and Chester, we can score points in a hurry. This team can go all the way, we just have to stop making critical mistakes. We should’ve won this game in a blow-out. I still say the best game we played overall so far= offensively and defensively was that Steeler game. Sure it was our only loss, but we gave em’ all they could handle, and pretty much moved the ball up and down the field, against the number #1 defense in the league. We also beat the Ravens, whom i thought was last years’ number#2 team, only now they have some offense. You really have to feel good, if you’re a Vikings fan, going into the bye week.

  • lorenzo4

    was so hoping for the “Massacre at Lambeau Field” so I could lay back and enjoy the game (3 TD’s….that was my criteria for laying back)…but I’ll take it…Champagne on ice, baby….how sweet it is

  • http://[email protected] fishlips

    hey Dan Zinski, i wanna tell you that you kick ass. the vikes team we have now is super-huge, an i appreciate your candid and realistic posts.

    my takes:

    we can beat any team in the league, saints? i think we rip them. colts? bloodletting. what else? cowpokers? egos? g-men? rematch with the steelers??

    let the guys have a week off to go fishing or to go back and see the family…i don’t think anyone will get arrested this year.

    i like the o, the d, and the special teams. and the quarterback play is awesome. but do you remember the story of the holy grail? remember the guy who finally found it??? It was PERCIVAL!!!

  • Cisco Taylor

    I love this football team but
    I’m so sick of the defense playing this zone coverage, giving up week after week yards upon yards and keeping there opponents in the game..where is the one on one coverage?? and then the safety can come over and clean up..we never talk about this issue..its time to tighten it up..hopefully we can work on this with our bye week..
    C Taylor

  • joe

    You are all making WAY TO MUCH OUT OF THIS!

    The Vikings beat a team of little girls this week. The packer, lead by sharon rogers, are all a bunch of whiny ass titty babies.

    They are too busy with all the ball-lickin’ and even Teddy Thompson and Mike McLardass won’t be able to endure the ongoing scrotum-fest too much longer.

    The packers are all a bunch of doll-playing fems that will never compete with even the mediocre NFL teams.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Yeah right, Joe, and the Steelers and Ravens are little girl-teams to, i suppose? Hey, with our offense clicking like this, bring any team on right now, and i’ll bet you they can’t stop our offense. Favre has been nearly flawless, and you name one defensive player that has stopped Adrian Peterson one on one in the open field? The Packers are better then you think, but the Vikings are one of the best teams going right now. I’ll give Rodgers credit, he took a beating from our line, but never gave up, and played a good game= is this your definition of a whiney baby? Let’s see how long you would last in there Joe superstar.

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  • Chuckie

    You all are missing the REAL point just a bit. WE FINALLY HAVE A QB THAT WONT WET HIMSELF the second things go wrong in a game. ONCE AGAIN, Brett drove us down with the game on the line and got the WIN. JUST WIN BABY!!!!!

    so I guess we can finally put to rest all the dumb asses that said the vikings would be better off with T-Jack vs a 40 year old hall of fame QB

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Chuckie, you’re right, Favre is the difference right now. This team resembles the Randy Moss- Randle Cunningham team in a lot of ways, although i think this defense is better then that team was, but Favre brings the Vikings a great QB, not just a mediocre QB like Cunningham was, i think in the end he’ll get us to the Super Bowl, and we’ll win. Chuckie, i don’t think the fans that questioned Favre’s abilities were dumb, i think they just felt like he was washed up after his injury. as i said before, that if we started winning big games and Favre played well, most of the nay-sayers would jump on board, and Favre has played much better then even his biggest fans had anticipated.

  • xpackerfan

    Hey guys, we are 7-1, are you just stupid? Big game on Nov. 8th for the Pack. Their playing, the Tampa Bay BUCK’s, who is 0-7. I see A—-Rodgers running around the field , with his fingure up like BRETT does, as in #1, when they play the, bucks.

    GB has been a joke since Brett left.

    Anyone here disagree?