Ochocinco Threatens to Blow Vikings' Horn on Sunday

The ever-entertaining Chad Ochocinco has come up with a new bit:  tipping off ESPN’s Adam Schefter to what nutty touchdown celebration he has planned for the forthcoming game.

Before last week’s contest, Chad tweeted at Schefter that he had something so big in mind it would surely get him fined.  Indeed, after hitting paydirt against the Lions, Chad headed to the sideline and threw on a snappy sombrero and poncho combo. True to his prediction, Chad has since been fined $30,000 by the league.

Clearly not chastened by the hit to his wallet, Chad came right back with a defiant tweet, again addressed to Mr. Schefter:

Adam this Sunday when I score I’m taking that loud horn from the Viking mascot and using it<–is that a fine to?

As hilarious as it would be for Ochocinco to actually run over and blow the horn after scoring, I doubt he will get the chance.  If he gets within five feet of it, Ragnar will take him down, tie him to the back of his bike and drag him around the field.

And that’s if Ocho even gets in the end zone.

Kudos to Chad anyway, for making a miserable, blizzardy, post-loss week a little more amusing.

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  • joe

    I don’t want to see him blow the horn, but would be fun to see him pull his putz.

    What do you think the fine for that would be?

  • Herb

    It slays me that these guys make so much money and don’t know the first thing about english grammar. Hey, it is “too,” not “to,” Chad.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Herb, The guy’s a football player, not an English teacher, c’mon give me a break. Not everyone can be Einstein, and what does a person’s I.Q. have to to with monetary success?

  • c nelson

    @ Bernie,

    I agree with Herb. Come on, didn’t we all learn the difference between too and to and two in 2nd grade?

    Of course, he is the man who changed his name to the number 85 and spelled it was ochocinco instead of the grammatically correct (Spanish) Ochenta y Cinco. Grammar really doesn’t matter to him.



  • SupaFan

    I think Ragnor should take preventitive measures if #85 were to score. Such as taking photos of the horn in strange places (like toothbrushes at a Frat party), Then if he is shut out No big deal, but if he scores release the photos ond put a link to them on his own websight.

  • joe

    I got an even better idea, SupaFan – why not stuff the horn full of feces before the game?

    If he scores – hand it to him and tell him to blow to his hearts content. Heck, he can even SUCK IT if he likes!

    You know, the vikings may not need that horn that Sunday anyhow…

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    c nelson, i’m no fan of Chad Johnson, believe me, and i don’t really disagree with Herb’s point. What i’m trying to say is there are a whole lot of athletes, movie stars and singer celebrities that are millionaires many times over that have sh#t for brains, yet they’re still wealthy. I just think it’s wrong to imply that you have to be a bio-chemist to be rich. I do agree with Herb that these clowns are way over-paid, but we the fans that pay these outrageous prices for attending games are partly responsible.