Viking Talk With Cat Crave Radio

It was my distinct pleasure to record a segment this week for John White’s Cat Crave Radio.  Among the topics discussed:  my feelings about long-time enemy QB Brett Favre becoming a Viking, my thoughts on E.J. Henderson‘s injury and my prediction for this weekend’s game with the Panthers.  Hit up Cat Crave Radio for a link to that pocast, and listen to me speak the same bullshit I usually only type.

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  • joe

    oh boy! The thoughts of a mindless homeboy should be great to hear on the radio!

    Self-proclaimed football expert that knows how to do little more than make up excuses for sorry-@ss performances – a pathetic loss to the only quality opponent they have played this year and the endless crap that “3-and-out-if-he-can-hold-on-to-the-ball” Adrian Peterson!

    Good thing ya got a classy quarterback because this team would not be in first place, would not get a first-round bye, and would not win their first round playoff game without brett.

    But at least you could gawk about AD’s garbage yards (while overlooking regular fumbles).

  • joe

    Heck – without favre, they might not even make the playoffs, but you would be cheering the garbage years (ignoring inability to hold on to the ball).

  • http://none Chuckie

    Totally disagree with “not in first place without Favre” part of the comment. Ummmmmmmmm…. I believe Minnesota did win the division last year without Favre. And it’s not AP its the offensive line. The loss of Matt Birk is killing us. And “only quality opponent?” is Arizona? What is 9-4 Green Bay and 9-4 Cincy??” I think you’re just being selective and not looking at the big picture.

    And Joe…..I’ll say it again…. JUST WIN BABY!!!

  • joe

    won the division without favre an no other competition in central division.

    Vikes got green bay at first have of season – they were below 500.

    Pack has played same weak schedule as vikings.

    Cinci say what you want – will see. Do you really think they aren’t out of the first round. Just like the vikes last year…

    Proclaim that a powerhouse if you like – are you also one of the “big fans” of “three-and-out-punt-if-he-does-not-fumble-it-away Adrian”

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Joeys’ a Cardinal fan, he actually thinks they’re a good team, and you can add the Ravens to that list of GB and Cincy. All those nights of being Midget-tossed in the bars has caused his brain to malfunction, he forgot the Vikings won the division last year, without Favre. I did’nt realize that there was still a “central division”. I thought it was NFC North. What rock did you crawl out from under half-pint joey? Maybe i missed something, but does Tampa Bay still play in our central division? Seems like your running back, Hightower has fumbling issues of his own, but how many tds and rushing yardage does your Hightower have? Who’s overrated mr. sawed-off joe? Do you see any people complain about Arizona’s weak division or schedule, or the Saints and Colts? Wise up, shorty, your ignorance grows on a daily basis, go back to the club and make some money being tossed, cause your football knowledge is outdated, mr. central division.

  • http://none Chuckie


    The point is that there is only a couple of fantastic teams in the NFL but there are a lot of “quality” opponents. If you don’t think Green Bay and Cincinatti and Baltimore are quality opponents then I guess you have a strange definition of “quality”

    Indianapolis and New Orleans have played the same type of schedule. Just because they beat a sagging New England team doesn’t prove much on their part.

  • joe

    chuckie – point is that when it serves a homeboy’s purpose, then these are “quality” opponents, but the same teams on other’s schedule are unworthy.