Percy Harvin is Looking Like a No-Go

One week without Percy Harvin sort of sucked.  Two weeks without Harvin would blow big-time.

Unfortunately, two weeks without Harvin looks like exactly what we’re going to get.

According to Access Vikings, Harvin missed Thursday morning’s walkthrough, and will probably not be on the practice field for the afternoon session.  This means Harvin’s migraines have now forced him to miss everything since the Arizona game two Sundays ago.

I don’t need to tell you that Harvin’s prospects for suiting up on Sunday are looking mighty dim.

Darrell Bevell is trying to keep things positive nonetheless.  “I think it just gives other guys opportunities to step up,” the OC said. “That’s why you have guys that are behind him. Greg Lewis was able to make a couple catches in the game [Sunday]. Do we have to make adjustments? Obviously we have to just insert the next guy in there.”

With all due respect to Darrell Bevell, Greg Lewis is not even close to being Percy Harvin.

The one good thing about this whole situation is that we’re only playing Carolina, who will be starting Matt Moore at quarterback.  We didn’t need Percy to beat the Bengals and we don’t need him to knock off the Panthers.

The big worry is that these migraine issues will crop up at a more inconvenient time.  Like ten minutes before a playoff game.  That would both suck and blow.

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  • joe

    dang – just let this guy do his recreational drugs on the sideline and he will play.

    There are plenty of kits online to cover up the pee test. We need him on the field sober or high!

  • http://none Chuckie


    I think you need to stick to staying home and masterbating to pictures of Kurt Warner in a speedo.

  • supervike

    This has to be something other than migraines. I’m not saying that it’s drugs, but I’ve never heard of migraines happening with this kind of frequency. This is crazy!

    He must be absolutely miserable.

  • joe

    chuckie, maybe that is what you do with pictures of “three-and-out-if-he-holds-on-to-the-ball” peterson, but most here are not interested in your private pleasures.

    Good thing the team has a real quarterback now, because not likely they would back into the playoffs 2 years in a row and it would be nice to see them win at least one playoff game too.

  • http://none Chuckie


    None of that matters man. We can play “what if” forever. We’ll NEVER know what would have happened if Favre had stayed retired. It’s pointless. It’s the here and NOW and what will happen in the playoffs not what happened last year or two years ago. And the Vikes D with Winfield back looks real good. Minnesota is going to have a shot at the superbowl this time around. And it isn’t going to matter that we didn’t play New England or Indy, or New Orleans in the regular season. You can’t evaluate a team that way anyway. Too much changes from week to week. Only the playoffs matter and in the playoffs this team will get it done.

  • http://none Chuckie


    I have. Terrell Davis had the same problems with the Broncos.

  • http://none Chuckie

    And Joe,

    We all know you have a big bottle of Jergens on your night stand and a big Kurt Warner in a speedo poster above your little twin bed. Come on…. you can admit it. It’s ok.

  • joe

    chuckie, don’t give away your secrets – many here don’t want to know all the details of how you spank your little plank.

  • vikes?

    you needed percy to beat the panthers, and he still played, and you still lost. VIKES SUCK