Vikings/Panthers: Starting Cold

The Vikings got off to a cold start on a cold night in Charlotte.

The offense was able to muster just 7 points in the first half, and lost another three on a rare Ryan Longwell missed field goal.

The line had some trouble handling the Carolina edge rushers, the team squandered some good field position.

The defense made a big play when Jared Allen came clean and forced Matt Moore to fumble, but on another Panthers drive, were dinked-and-dunked to death by the same Mr. Moore, who found a nice rhythm with Steve Smith.

The Panthers helped the Vikings out with penalties and by failing to convert the PAT on their one touchdown.  A false start took away a shot at 3 at the end of the second quarter, allowing the Vikes to stumble into the break with the lead.

Adrian Peterson was key on the Vikings’ touchdown drive, ending it with a ferocious short scoring run on which he fought off a pair of defenders who seemed to have him stood up.

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  • john

    favre is a fag and he will not go far this season

  • joe

    This is really a stoooooopid analysis… The vike had less than 85 yards on offense

    AD was key – LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They keep pumpin’ him the ball and, for most of the game, he was getting 1 yard. This is a screwed-up gameplan, though one you advocated for all week.

    Chilly has taken the ball out of his best players hands – this is not about “starting cold”.

    This is about peterson being the most over-rated player in the NFL.

    And if they keep giving him the ball like they did in the first half – guarantee he fumbles.

  • joe

    Game is on the line now – 14 minutes to go. AD has been largely ineffective, even though they tried to give him a chance in the first half.

    Time to let your playmakers to go work – give Favre what he needs to lead the team to victory.

  • Laura

    WOW calling AD overrated is a pretty steep comment, he may fumble but his #’s don’t lie. Maybe if Bryant could get his fat a$$ to block Peppers once in awhile we’d have a game!

  • brent

    Well now you know why we gave up on favre. 1-2 in December.
    Dungy even thinks it is a valid point. He is old and his age is showing. The fact that your D was exposed over the top was not good either.
    I know we lost but at least it was a game. We scored 36- you scored 7.
    At least you have the bears to heal with until you play the Giants.

  • Al

    Favre’s age had nothing to do with this loss. How many dropped balls were there? Peterson was constantly stuffed and the offensive line kept letting Carolina get to Favre. Not to mention the poor play calling. In the first half they handed the ball off to Peterson every 1st down for a yard or two and most of the second downs. Its hard to get a first down on third when your teamates drop the ball. This was very dissappointing. The defense did not play well either. The Vikings have not looked playoff ready the last few weeks. This is very unfortunate…

  • Jerry

    Wow, Brett Favre is pathetic, the vikings are overrated, Julius Peppers is a beast, he made that defensive line look like little girls, there is a reason why he makes a million dollars a game! Panthers DOMINATED tonight and there is no question about it! “Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina for a Panther’s football game!”

  • joe

    Where is that little girl bernie now? Parents must have been pretty miffed when they found her pretending to be a macho man in PITT challenging real studs to come and fight.

    Do you think she has her computer privileges revoked for a couple of days or perhaps a week or longer?