Eagles Loss Hands Vikings #2 Seed, First Round Bye

After last Monday night’s loss to the Bears, the Vikings no longer held their NFC seeding destiny in their own hands.

For the Vikes to secure a #2 seed and the first-round bye that comes with it, they needed to win Sunday against the Giants, and have the Cowboys knock off the Eagles in Dallas.

The Vikes, as we know, had no problem with the Giants, who looked as enthused about the game as a typical kid is about the first day of school.

That left Viking fans and players in the peculiar position of rooting for the Cowboys.  Thankfully, the Cowboys have been as hot as any team in the NFC lately, and were able to rout the Eagles 24-0.

The Vikings now know that they will not have to play next week.  This gives some of their dinged-up players a chance to recover.  It also gives the brain trust extra time to concoct a gameplan for whoever they end up facing in the 2nd round.

And, most importantly, it places the Vikings in a position where, if someone manages to knock off the Saints, they would get a shot at hosting the NFC Championship Game.

The way the Vikings have played at home this year, especially today against the Giants, I would like their chances against any team in the NFC if the game is at the Metrodome.

Even the Packers, whom the Vikings would be facing for the third time this season.

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  • joe


    It was a team effort but we all know what the biggest difference between this year and last year is.

    This year, they had one of the best quarterbacks in the league, a future HOFer that owns almost all of the records for his position.

    He knows this offense better than any coach, assistant, management personal, or player in the NFL.

    IF the vikings let Brett do his thing, passing the ball around and always giving them the best matchup against whatever defense alignment/scheme they are shown, this team can win the Superbowl.

    IF the vikings pretend to be a “power running” team, as if somehow AD was solely responsible for this year’s success, they are DOOMED!

    *AD is a “feast or famine” and is most effective when Brett keeps the defense honest by calling plays as he sees them.

    *The lack of production in a handful of games (and only HALF of the bear game) had nothing to do with “disguising” or hiding anything. It was the result of “chillyball” and an attitude that all the team needed to do was hand-off to AD.

    *Now that we are in the playoffs, teams will NOT proclaim they would rather be beaten by Favre because he has demonstrated that he WILL beat you.

    *On the other hand, teams have consistently seen they CAN shut down AD and, if Favre is running the show, he will make you pay. They are playing for keeps now and everyone knows Favre can beat ya. AD, certainly not so much.

    I just hope that we don’t have to listen to 2 weeks of crap about what the vikings need to do to win – we have seen it clearly.

    If Favre runs offense, team executes, and the D plays up to potential, they are legitimate contenders.

    If we go back to the crap about Favre needs to hand off more to AD, its over.

  • lorenzo4

    You know Joe, hope springs eternal, I am thinking they will not go back to that myth that the Vikings are AD’s team. In fact, I am thinking they realize that Vikings are now are two RB team. Chester has established himself as part of the tandem. I know you have been after busting the AD myth and it looks like it has happened. And not to say AD isn’t a big part of their offense…he is for sure…he remains a formidable threat. …on a team that passes to run, and whose offense is run by the Grey Fox. Old. Smart. Wily.

  • joe

    Spot on – lorenzo4, AD is an important weapon in the offense, but not the dominant one.

    I think everyone sees this now too – no hard done either, they are still #2 seed with first-round bye.

    It is a shame, however, they really had a shot at being the #1, at home all through playoffs – HUGE advantage, but I will gladly take this.

    I guess you are right – even the homers that have been dissin’ Favre all year, ignoring the difference he has made are probably not foolish enough to proclaim that we should make AD the center of the offense again this year.

    Pretending this is a “power running team” is LOL stooooooooooopid.

  • joe

    Has anyone seen that little girl bernie? You know, the one that liked to pretend to be a tuff-guy from Pittsburgh? The one that used to spew vial racist crap here?

    Must be done with football now, probably back to playing with dolls and tea parties for teddy bears.

    Hope those mean ol’ toy bears don’t scare her too!

  • tschaid

    I just love how everyone talks about a Giants team mailing it in. I suggest if this game had begun like the Carolina or Chicago game, the Giants effort would have been entirely different. The Vikings took the Giants out of the game early just as they have done to countless other teams during their 10-1 run.

    Don’t write off Peterson so soon. The play action in this game worked so well because of Peterson. I expect to see more of Peterson in the playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him top 100 yards in each of the playoff games. I am not suggesting the offense will run through him. It won’t but for play action to be truly effective, the threat needs to continue to be real.

    I am still concerned about coaching and more specifically making in-game adjustments. I am also concerned about this team playing 4 quarters. It is unreasonable to believe they will blow out teams in the playoffs. The Vikings have been in multiple games this season where they just didn’t seem to have the energy on defense to finish the game strong (Bal, GB, CAR, Chi).

    The defense in the 4th quarter is only as good as the offense. If this team makes a Super Bowl run, it will be the result of Favre controlling the clock and yes Peterson will be a part of that.

    My projections:


    Eagles over Dallas
    (Sorry Dallas, the Eagles play best when their backs are up against the wall)

    Arizona over Green Bay
    (Green Bay is very good but they have given up a lot of yards and points in big games. This won’t be an exception)

    Eagles over New Orleans
    (New Orleans is basically the same team as last years 8-8 team. The quick strike offense puts too much pressure on a defense that has now been exposed. If they don’t get turnovers, they lose)

    Minnesota over Arizona
    (Of course, my allegiance prevails but so will the Vikings. This time around, the Vikings won’t be surprised)

    Minnesota over Eagles
    (When the Vikings are on, they are the better team. And, the dome and Favre will provide an advantage this time around.)

    Jets over Cincinnati
    (Neither of these teams are very good. Cincinnati just won’t be able to score enough on this defense. The only thing that could make this pick wrong would be the rookie qb throwing picks)

    New England over Baltimore
    (Even without Welker and an average defense, Brady will get this done)

    Indianapolis over Jets
    (Indy’s starters will play the whole game)

    San Diego over New England
    (Close game but San Diego wins)

    Indianapolis over San Diego
    (Peyton Manning even though he seems to struggle against San Diego)

    Minnesota over Indianapolis
    (Favre against Manning. What fun. The Vikings get their first Super Bowl win. Peterson rushes for over 100 yards. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a number of officiating calls go against the Vikings ala Goodell)

    There you have it.