Vikings Finish Off Dismal Giants

The regular season ended with the Vikings trouncing a listless, uninspired Giants team.  Brett Favre was brilliant, the defense was frisky, Adrian Peterson made an impact despite being used sparingly.

The naysayers, of course, will say that it was only the Giants, a team so far out of it they didn’t even bother trying.  There’s truth in that, but still, when you beat an NFL team as bad as the Vikes beat the Giants today, it’s as much to do with your excellence as their ineptitude.

The #2 seed can still be had, if the Eagles/Cowboys game goes the Vikings’ way.  And even if it doesn’t, the Vikes will be home next week.  And they look just about unbeatable under their friendly dome.

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  • joe

    Correction: “Adrian Peterson made an impact BECAUSE HE WAS used sparingly.

    The only reason the don’t have homefield through the playoff is because some (evidently like you) still believe that garbage about AD being the team’s premier weapon.

    It is blatantly not true. No one can expect their team to go undefeated. No offense clicks each and every week either – that’s why the play the games.

    But if there is one thing even a mindless homer should see, it’s that AD is a feast or famine back. He has the potential to drop the ball on any given play. When he is in the lineup, the D can key on the run because AD can’t catch.

    The team does not have a “power running attack” – haven’t all year. There is no reason to blame anyone, but there is also no reason to continue pretending that he is the key to viking success

    It is a demonstrable fact that he is not. This is not about “hiding” or “disguising” anything.

    To have a shot at a Superbowl title, this team needs to let their big playmaker, #4, spread the ball around and not just give it to “three-and-out” AD, vainly hoping he does not drop the ball or breaks a big play.

  • frank

    Ok, this game was great in just about every way.But I need to bring up one weak spot! It hurt us on the past and is bound to to hurt us in the play offs…… Kick offs!!!! Why can’t we kick it in the end zone!!! Getting the ball at the 35 every time would suck! Never mind the fact they could return the the ball for 7 on any given kick….Just saying!!

  • lorenzo4

    Yup. Vikes are homers for sure. Think they can beat just about anyone in their cozy dome, preferably noon-time.

  • Mike

    This Vikings game meant little, beating a dog team at home (the Giants). For the playoffs, they will hopefully get a first round bye (with Dallas up 24-0), and then play a good team at home (maybe Dallas) followed by an even better team (maybe New Orleans on the road).

    I hope they use the next two weeks to try to figure out why they were beaten by the Cards and Panthers on the road. Hopefully, this victory doesn’t give them false confidence and they don’t just stick their head in the sand (like Joe).

  • joe

    Mike – you don’t get it at all. EVERYONE lost games. You don’t have a clue – this was NEVER about showing plays or hiding them.

    It was about morons proclaiming that all Favre has to do is hand of to AD – NOT!

    You are the one that has your head in the sand, and in this case, the sand is all up your butt too!

    You talked trash for weeks about needing to disguise plays and promoting AD, dissin’ Favre. You are really just an apologist for chilly – rationalizing and justifying misguided game plans with the bogus caveat that they need to “disguise” the crap schemes and bogus play calling.

    By your logic – NO ONE WILL WIN THE SUPERBOWL because EVERY team did not win all of their games by blow-outs.

    Here’s the difference:

    This team cannot win if they tie Bretts hands and ask him to play a secondary role to chilly’s nonsense schemes and AD (feast or famine runner).

    This team’s best shot is to let Brett pass the ball around, get all of their offensive weapons into the mix, and letting AD have the ball to keep the defenses honest (and when game situation demands run).

    Brett can pick apart any defense if given the opportunity to audible and if given enough time to locate one of his playmakers.