Jared Allen on Brad Childress’ “Radio Voice”

The voice that put a thousand reporters to sleep is not what it seems, according to Jared Allen.

Speaking to WHB in Kansas City (via Sports Radio Interviews), Allen discussed the low, gravely monotone Brad Childress adopts in press conferences and radio appearances, and insists it’s not indicative of the real Chilly.

“I think that’s his stage voice,” Allen said.  “Yeah, that’s like his 1-900 voice…He’s not real boisterous and he’s not that soft spoken – there’s not a whole lot of fluctuation. But no, he’s not that deep voice guy, that’s just his radio voice.”

My sources tell me that Chilly’s real voice is much higher and screechier…especially when he’s balling out Brett Favre for calling audibles.

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  • Mike

    The so-called experts, who keep picking the Cowboys because they are hot, don’t seem to realize the Vikings just went through a very important learning experience. After starting 10-1, they were exposed against the Cards and Panthers for being too predictable whether they would pass or run. Then, Childress made the mistake of thinking the answer was to just return to a running team, with some limited success against the Bengals in a win at home but a poor first half against the Bears. However, in the second half against the Bears and the game against the Giants at home, they put it altogether, ended their slump and are now ready to make a run.