Vikings Destroy Cowboys, Will Face Saints in NFC Championship Game

The Vikings are back in the NFC Championship Game for the first time since 41-doughnut.

The primary credit for the Purple’s massive 34-3 win over the Cowboys in today’s divisional round playoff game goes to the defensive line, which completely dominated the Cowboys’ offensive line.  Ray Edwards whipped up on Dallas in the first half, sacking Tony Romo three times, and even in the second half after Edwards left with injury, the Vikings kept the pressure on, forcing Romo to throw a key interception, contributing to his total of 3 turnovers on the game.

Offensively, the Vikings were unable to get their running game going they way they probably wanted, but it didn’t matter thanks to Brett Favre and Sidney Rice, who hooked up for 3 touchdown passes.  Favre finished with 4 TD throws overall, with 234 yards and 0 interceptions.

In the sort of game where stars need to shine, Favre, Rice, Jared Allen and the Williams Wall showed up big.  The Vikes also got somewhat unexpected contributions from Tyrell Johnson and the aforementioned Ray Edwards, two guys who haven’t always brought it like people think they should.

The victory sends the Vikes to New Orleans to face a Saints team coming off a complete undressing of the Arizona Cardinals.  The Vikes will be heavy underdogs in the Superdome, but when you have Brett Favre on your side, anything can happen.

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  • Mike

    Super Bowl coming for Vikings and Favre. Vikings will beat Saints behind their power running game. Saints can’t stop the run. Drew Brees will be kept off the field.

  • Coached

    LMAO. Are you serious Mike? You actually believe that? Guess you belive in the Tooth Fairy as well? The Saints are going to BBQ the WhyKings and I will be eating GUMBO and Hot Sauce laughing while it’s happening! AND I am not even a Saints fan…..but after watching the Whykings poor sportsmanship today against the Cowboys by running up the score like a Pop Warner football team would, I lost ALL respect for the Whykings, your QB Fret Barf and your joke for a PROFESSIONAL coach. Just remember my words….Whykings will come up short yet AGAIN!

  • Saintsuckdick

    Coached they were playing football not soccer bad sportsmanship? Sounds like your scared

  • Tim

    Hey even Jimmy Johnson had no probs with that last touchdown, like he said if you dont like getting your butts kicked than play better football! Get over it Dude….

  • lorenzo4

    geez…last week there were the Cowboys trolls, now we gotta listen to AH NO postings.

  • lorenzo4

    Guess we all wait and hope the Edwards is OK. His film must have been negative for something serious, since they let him back in the game.

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  • Mike

    88% of Vikings fans on trib poll had no problem with Shiancoe Td. Good practice!

    Chilly thinks Edwards is OK but is waiting for the medical report. Vikes have Robison anyway.

  • Mike

    When asked “Who do you think will win next week’s NFC title game?” 54% said the Vikings to 46% for the Saints
    of 32,783 votes on

  • Mike

    Oddsmakers have Vikings as 4 point underdog to Saints.

  • MArk


  • Coached

    Lorenzo, lay off the crack….are you illiterate or simply a moron? Did you NOT read that I am NOT a Saints fan? I am a football fan…PERIOD….so calling me an AH NO troll would again make you illeterate or a moron for not reading my post. Since I am pretty good at predicting and making odds….I predict and bet you are just a moron.

    Mike, LMAO 88% of Vikings fans had no problem with them running up the score…LMAO…really? Who woulda thunk dat? And 90% of Pop Warner football teams parents have no problem with their kid’s team beating another team 65-0.

    Saintsuckdick….oh really it’s football? Oh man, didn’t realize that….thanks for clarifying it for me. Your superior IQ comes through because all this time I thought I was watching the World Cup. LMAO. What a frocio! And what is that penalty those guys in zebra outfits call…um, come on einstein, what;s it called….um…UNSPORTSMANLIKE Conduct!!! So sportsmanship IS part of football….what a stunad!

    NOW, the facts….Farve IS a great QB, but I lost respect for him. Adrian Peterson is unbelievable! Rice is tremendous…..BUT the Vikings organization, its fans and wannabe PRO coach are so used to losing they don’t know HOW to act when on the RARE occassion they have a winning season.

    I will be enjoying Gumbo, Cornbread, VOODOO Juice and Crawfish while I watch the Saints jack up the DYKEings! And I will come right back here and LMAO afterwards!

  • Coached

    The Vikings beat the hell out of the Cowboys, LONG before that last TD. Say whatever you want….it was TASTELESS, and a CLASSLESS move. I mean if you handed the ball off and AD scored….oh well….or threw a short pass and Rice broke….oh well….but to design and go deep for a TD for no reason other than rub it in the faces of the team you already defeated….that is LOW CLASS NO AZZ semi-pro football. AND then to hear you all approve of that… WONDER you are a RARE see in the big show!! I hope you guys enjoy Reggie Bush and enjoy that azz kicking coming your way. Just remember….What Goes Around Comes Around.

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  • Andrew

    i really hate to say this, but theres a hurricane coming to NO and its purple and gold!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew

    btw. Reggie Bush only shows up to games when he wants to. He’s no Peterson. Bush blossomed slowly in the NFL. Peterson was a threat from the beginning. The gunslinger against brees? seriously? They knocked the cowboys off of their horse and burnt their ranch to the ground. They can do it again. They’ll take the whole south. It should be a good game though. Just doing some shit talking, no harm intended.

  • JfuckinNASTY

    hey retard the vikings couldnt even beat the fucking bears and being a bears fan thats about as pathetic as it gets. NO is the better team no matter what you say. Look at the stats. The saints will DESTROY the vikings. fuck brett favre. He’s the biggest douche in all of football. AP is overrated. I can name 10 running backs that are better than he is. hes the fumbling champ. My prediction: Saints blow out vikings 49-7.

  • Pat

    Ya Know, I thought we were all adults. As I can see most are not. I was @ the New orleans & Cardinals game. Brett lives very close to me. Wonderful Man !! He admitted himself he was tired after the Dallas game. Saints already sent 1 QB out with injury to retirement. There WILL be a 2nd one Sunday night. Which who SHOULD have already retired. I am happy the Vickings won. The Saints have always been the low boys. But NOT IN 2010. We layed our boys back for the last month getting ready for these playoffs. Yall are CRYBABYING over 34-3, well how would you feel if you had been the Cardinals @ 45-14. Both games were 31pts winning. Better get ready for more then that out of the SAINTS next week. 50+

  • SH28

    ESPN makes it sound like the Vikings ran up the score to embarrass all of those so-called experts that picked the Cowboys. Chilly says they made the Cowboys sound like Tasmaniam devils.

    Meril Hoge says AD should be commended for happily accepting his role forcing defenses to cover the run, thus diverting pass protection.

    The Vikings are much stronger than the Saints across both offensive and defensive lines. The Saints defense is especially weak, especially against the run.

    Saints only have advantage of home field, which has been worth 13 of last 20 NFC Championship games. Cris Carter is promising a Vikings Jets Super Bowl.

    Favre says this is the year he will remember. Maybe he will enter the Hall as a Viking?

  • Noah

    This is the professional league, not the little league. People pay to see them entertain, hell, people would ask for 100-0 if they could. Stop crying about the score, if you didn’t like it then you should’ve stopped it. Brooking needs to grow up, your defense should’ve played better, not ask for the Vikings to go easy on you.

  • alwaysfaithful

    Many of us in South Mississippi have been watching Brett Favre his entire life in football and since high school and through all the bad times and good times. We all know when Brett is on a roll. We also all know when Brett is “on fire”…..get ready New Orleans….as much as we love ya….Brett is coming to the Big Easy and he intends to storm the dome on his way to the Big Game in Miami!

  • Coached

    Well, some good comments…..and then again some morons!

    Saints will win….it will SHOCK all the Vikings fans who basically only had one win worth bragging about and that was against the Cowboys. But I assure you as you face the Cowboys next season….ALL hell will break loose..but that’s the future and the last game is the PAST.

    Good luck DYEkings…I will attend your memorial service on Monday….and BET all of you will be crying “foul” on the 25th. By the way Minnesota Fans… guys have a really nice logo! Looks like Hulk Hogan with his head stuck in a Longhorn’s azz…..WAIT that is Hulk Hogan!!!! LMAO……

  • SH28

    Saints are expected to double team WR Sidney Rice. That would leave only one on Harvin, only one on Berrian and only 7 in the box on AD. Good luck with that Saints. You will need 8 in the box to stop Peterson. Peterson would get 200 yards! Moreover, Brees would never see the ball. Vikings 30 Saints 20

  • steven

    coach thats what the cowboys fan said they was wrong. i would shut your trap before you get owned. ANd did the cowboys use there fucking timeouts the last 6 minutes. they game owuld have ended before the last Td was ever made

  • Coached

    AHHHHHH HAHQAHAHAHAHA!!!! What happened DYEKings??? Just as i PREDICTED!!! SAINTS going to the BOAT… the BIG SHOW BABY!!!! And the DYEKings are going where? HOME!!! AQll you BIG MOUTH DYEKINGS fans…as usual…don’t know what you are talking about when it comes to football. But remember i said I would return after this game….and i DID….Oh, the GUMBO and NEW ORLEANS Party was GREAT!!!!! hehehehehehe….Awwww, am I being too hard? Read ya”lls damn words from last week….maybe next year DYEKings….NOT! ahhhh hahahaha SWEET REVENGE!

  • znoah


    Up here in Minnesota we have something called Minnesota nice. We’re respectful and nice to everyone. That’s something you obviously need to learn. If anyone here is a big mouth, I’m confident it’s you because well, just look at your bolstering. I don’t see how we, Minnesota Vikings Fan, don’t know anything about football because we support our team and not jump bandwagons (like you?). I bet you haven’t played a lick of football in your life. This may be a little harsh, but I’m hoping that my relief money towards New Orleans after the hurricane did not go towards YOU.

    Quite honestly, the Saints dodged a bullet if anything. Vikings were going to win until that interception.

    I suggest you shut your trap and get out of our home. We don’t troll in your neighborhood. Show some respect, how old are you? 12?