Vikings Fall to Saints, Miss Super Bowl Again

Way too much insanity to sort out now.  Suffice it to say, the Vikings had ample opportunity to take control of the game in the second half, but failed to do so, largely because of turnovers.

And then there was that final “drive” of regulation, which will now take its place among the most infamous moments in Vikings history.  A 12-men in the huddle penalty caused when Brad Childress got cute with a substitution package pushed the Vikings back, setting up the Brett Favre interception that would send the game into overtime.

The bad luck would continue into overtime, when the Vikings gave up a big kick return, losing Cedric Griffin in the process.  The Saints got a pass interference call on Griffin’s replacement Asher Allen which handed them a first down.  This helped them drive the ball down into field goal range, with assistance from a second pass interference call, this one on Ben Leber.

The Vikings have gotten some help from missed field goals this year, most notably against the Ravens, but not this time.  Garrett Hartley knocked it through from 40 to send the Saints to the Super Bowl, and the Vikings home for the off-season.

Much more in the days and weeks to come.

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  • Brad

    Who dat Who dat say they gonna beat dem Saints. Who dat Who dat. I am sorry to any Viking fans that didnt attack the Landry hat last weak. But I told you,,, sorry no superbowl all that shit talking for NOTHING. Joe Dirt how does it feel to have people fuck with you…

  • traumacowboy

    The referees were “bought” out against the Vikes. Several key plays went the saints’ way. The last touchdown the saints had, well his knee was clearly down before the ball crossed the goal. The pass interference call on David Thomas, well the ball was not catchable. You can’t give the offense the advantage on a play he wouldn’t have made had he not even been “covered” by a defender!. The pass that Colston had didn’t appear to be complete, ofcourse Troy Aikman had to prepare the audience for upcoming “steal” of the game by saying “this last angle shows he may have caught the ball afterall”…ehm… ehm..!
    There wasn’t even a penalty against the saints for going “high and low” on Brett Favre. I guess the World Bank and the IMF or the mafia were fixing to lose some big bucks unless the referees hadn’t stepped up. Now, I know the Vikes had way too many turnovers after being 3rd best in the NFL in protecting the ball! Even with all the turnovers the saints needed the referees and overtime with bad calls to win this fabricated game. Just like our government still trying to ram that healthcare down our throats despite the “bill” being defeated time after time!

  • Aaron

    Farve chokes again. Ha! Ha! Ha! What a stupid bastard!

  • OldTimer

    It’s hard to not take some little bit of pleasure out of the fact that now you Vikings fans know how it feels to have “The Great One” #4 let you down when you most need him. He ended his career with GB with an INT in the NFC Championship–will that be how he ends his career with the Vikes?

    Gotta hand it to you, though, you had one heck of a season!

    C U next year! Go Pack!

  • Pat Gremillion

    This is a tough defeat against a team that was long overdue.Believe me when I say that I know how it feels.Your team also deserved to win ,but unfortunately only one team can advance.You team has nothing to apologize about,and I know how it is to feel that bad calls lost it for you.I felt that early in the game that the calls were being too picky the referees were too hard on The Saints.Long time LSU Tiger fan and Saints fan from the beginning.I am glad that Brett wasn’t hurt too badly .This is a young man’s game.

  • traumacowboy

    Yeah, the Vikes were overdue, but unfortunately today was not to be the day… Let’s see what happens next year!

  • Kako

    Dallas fan here you guys should of saved that last touchdown from last week. HAHAHA you guys choked again you talked trash and karma bit you in the ass again. HAHAHA

  • Bluestar

    Idiot Vikings. Should have had Favre save that last TD from last week. Grandpa Favre should come back so Dallas can finish breaking him up next year. At least you won’t have the humilation of being 0-5 in Super Bowls. Favre is such a sore loser he won’t give a post game interview. HAHAHAHHAHAH!

  • http://[email protected] boo

    i thought there was nothing to lose but when you get that close to giving the Lava Bear a chabne at a 50 yd FG then fucking blow it to an enemy actoss the middle off yer back foot actoss yer body omgoofness this is worse than 1998 or 2001

  • Sanregi

    Hey Farve!!!
    Pants On The Ground…Pants On The Ground…New Orleans put your Pants On The Ground…

  • Chuckie

    bottom line is…….you can’t win a game turning it over that many times and making that many critical mistakes. The game shouldn’t have come down to that last drive, but since it did. I blame Childress for pulling a Denny Green flashback with his pussy approach after getting a first down at the saints 33 yard line. Brett fucked up but we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near that close to the superbowl without him.

    And as for the Cowboys…..LOL at least the Vikings didn’t get humilated. At least the Vikings showed up for the game.

  • Coached

    Well, all you DYKEING fans shot your mouth off last week and NOW, as I promised, I am BACK to rub it right in your lazy, arm chair quarterback, couch potato AZZes! What were you saying again? Ya’ll were gonna do what to the Saints? Bush can’t do what? and Drees will do what? I am sorry what were you all saying about a Purple Hurricane coming to destroy New Orleans? I said i would come back win or lose and so did ya’ll, but i don’t see DYKEING fans in here! I got it ya’ll are BAND WAGON fans….as usual shoot your mouth off when you win, HIDE when you LOSE and LOSE you did! Ya’LL were talking about Cowboy fans crying foul after last week….nbow ya’ll are gonna say you got robbed or the refs were bought…..HAHAHA…..funny!!!! Wah, Wah, Wah…. AHHHH HAHAHAHAHA, I LOVE IT!!!!!!! “OH WHEN THE SAINTS, GO MARCHING IN…..” And I am NOT even a Saints fan….but i am DAMN glad to see them make it to the big SHOW!!! CONGRATS to the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!!!!!!! It is your year!!

  • Brad

    Wow coached I am here for the same reason. Last week we got bombed on and now none of them are to be found. I was so looking forward to rubbin it in but no one is here. I will say this I hated Brett before this game and now I hate him just a little less he stood in and took a beating. I wonder where his pants are??????Joe dirt id takin em off

  • Brad

    Chuckie I want to apologize if you were not attacking the landry hat last week.You are also correct Dallas did not show up and it embarrassed all of us fans. While we where sulking amongst ourselves we had all kind of insults thrown at us from Viking fans who had never been on TLH. You can go see for yourself read post’ Vikings run up score’ The insults continued until yesterday. So sum of us have stooped to get a little revenge so again if you were not one im sorry if you were GO FUCK YOUR SELF GEAUX SAINTS

  • http://[email protected] boo

    Purple and Gold as I Cry in My Beer

    I could write a song
    ’bout the purple and gold
    It’s about the color of
    Bruises and Mold, yeah

    The Baddest and the Boldest
    Of our company
    Would agree to make a deal of

    We would all work together
    To the greatest goal
    We’d make a deal that we’d
    not grow old

    till we all made the
    highest high
    and we would work together
    till we own the sky, yeah

    but you know there are
    so many hills to climb, and…
    what I seek may
    never be mine

    I try so hard to be myself
    I trust my instincts
    I fail
    but i trust my instincts
    will I be well?
    if I trust my instincts
    I fail when I trust my instincts
    I fail I fail I fail OOOOOOO

    I fail
    boo hoo I fail

  • pantsdown

    vikings wit der pants down, pants down, PANTS DOWN! PANTS DOWN PANTS DOWN PANTS DOWN

  • Mike

    Vikings have great personnel but not great coaching – undisciplined, turnovers, unable to recover turnovers, and worst of all 12 men on the field when they had a chance to win it.

  • Mike

    If Favre really wants to win a Super Bowl he better come back early and get on the coaches backs.

  • AustinVike

    All comments from Packer fans. You people are the most classless folks I’ve ever seen…my god. It’s so obnoxious.

    And anyway, the vikes had plenty of of screwups, but the other thing is not one call or action went the way of the Vikings.

    On paper, we destroyed the Saints except for one column – turnovers.

    You take away that fumble by Peterson at the 6yd line of N.O., Favre’s late INT, Harvin’s fumble, Berrian’s fumble, all the coin tosses and all the “bad calls” (only one of which was truly awful – the P.I. on Ben Leber), and you’re looking at the Vikings total domination of the leagues supposed #1 team.

    Another thing I’d like to mention is…didn’t the Vikings get to play today? Oh yeah, where were the Packers? The Bears? All sitting at home, WATCHING the game because they weren’t good enough to even have a SHOT at the Saints.

    So to all you Pack/Bears fans out there – piss and bitch and moan and laugh all you want, get as drunk as you possibly can and laugh at the Vikings because really – that’s all you guys have to erase the memories of the Vikings annihilating you TWICE this season (Bears -1).

    Yet another season without even a chance at the Super Bowl while the Vikes roll in and get their chances taken away by some of their own stupid mistakes and some help from the officiating staff.

  • FavreH8R

    Prediction for the 2010 season:

    Packers 12 – 4
    Bears 9 – 7
    Viqueens 8 – 8
    Lions 8 – 8

    Hope the Queens can get a QB that will actually show up for training camp so he can be taught not to throw across the grain – hahahahahahahaha.

  • FavreH8R

    Some oldies but goodies – once again able to use these.

    What do you call a Minnesota Viking with a Superbowl ring? A thief.

    What does a Minnesota Viking and a stolen car have in common? No Title.

    What a great day. Hope you fans enjoyed renting a washed up “gun slinger”.

  • SH28

    especially enjoyed Favre carving up the Packers twice.

  • Chuckie

    At least the Vikings were playing yesterday and had a real good shot. For all the fudgepacker fans that are taking shots…….Don’t forget Aaron “betsy wetsy doll” Rodgers fumbled your season away.

    It may not have been the ultimate outcome we all wanted but I’ll take a season in which we humilated Green Bay not once but twice and totally destroyed Dallas and sent them home for the year. It was a fun ride a great ride but It had to come to an end sometime.

  • SH28

    Many commentators agree the most inexcusable mistake by the Vikings during their loss to the Saints was the 12-men on the field penalty called after a Brad Childress timeout with 19 seconds left. Childress says Tahi was twelfth man but most are blaming Childress, who changed the play. Coaches should be in control of the situation better. Just like last year when Vikings players said the team’s sideline was in total disarray in their playoff loss to the Eagles. Childress let down Vikings players and fans.

  • Lempilot

    The refs did not win the game for the Saints. There were several early calls that went the Vikes way. Most notably a late hit out of bounds that was not a late hit. Not only did it give the Vikes 15 yards but it also gave them a first down on an otherwise stalled drive. By the way, the Vikes scored a touchdown on that drive. Second, turnovers inside the red zone are inexcusable and NOT indicative of a championship football team. Historically, those types of mental errors are on the player and coach. Third, penalties at critical points in the game. Twelve men in the huddle is a penalty that happens in preseason, not NFC championship games. Finally, the Vikes special teams, especially, kickoff coverage was very weak. Add it all up and it is another loss for the Vikings in a critical game. Furthermore, Manning would chew them up in the Super Bowl if they showed up and played the way they did against the Saints.

    So the Vikes have lost four super bowls and three tragic NFC championship games, Staubach-hail mary, Denny Green, and the Favre interception-he should have ran…

  • Lempilot

    One last comment… On paper means nothing when you lose… Who you beat in the past means nothing when you lose. So please just take the loss and move on. The problem is your head coach… He is not a leader; he is a good coach. Wade Philips and him should get together and maybe together they can create one great coach.

  • SH28

    Why did Chilly have to get involved with changing the play (and leaving us with 12 guys)? Why not just let Favre handle the offense? Why did Zigi give Chilly a 3 year extension before the season was complete? Will we end up with Chilly and no Favre? If so, LA can have the Vikings for all I care.

    Danzinski even predicted it before the game: “Call me a Chilly-hater if you will, but my greatest fear remains that the game will be close and the pivotal moment will involve a terrible game management decision or a challenge flag at the wrong time or something else absurd.”

  • Lempilot

    As Dale Earnhardt said, “second place is the first loser.”

  • SH28

    Lempilot says of Childress “he is a good coach.” Lempilot has low standards.

  • Lempilot

    He gets good coach b/c they did make it to the NFC championship game. However, The Vikes are in big trouble if they lose Favre without an up and coming superstar to replace him, i.e. Rothlisberger-esque and they keep UMmm Uhhh–Chilly…

    Football season starts in six months…

  • SH28

    They should have made to the Super Bowl with the players they have. If Favre doesn’t play again, Chilly will probably trade for McNabb. But I still wouldn’t expect much from our coaching staff. They are undisciplined.

  • Will

    Dear Coached,
    I am not a Vikings fan but as a resident of the Northern Midwest, I was rooting for the Vikings to run to the Super Bowl. You mentioned that “Drees will do what?” and I ask you what in fact did Drew Brees Do? What also did Reggie Bush do? (besides muff a punt inside his 20) The only Saints that stepped up in that game were the boys on the defense, and the return men. Don’t quote me on this, but the Saints didn’t have more than 100 yards of offense in the second half. I’m not really sure but I think that means that your boys Drees and Bush didn’t do SQUAT!!! New Orleans should be greatful for some VERY favorable calls, and the inability of the Vikings to hold on to the ball (if you still think the saints got that 4th and inces watch the replay on Forward progress does not apply to a ball that is fumbled which Piere Thomas clearly did do.

  • FaQ2

    ATROCIOUS! Botching that game after getting to the opponent’s 33 yard line with under 20 secs. left in regulation, goes down in history as one of the all-time major F.U.’s.

    When you have as good a kicker as the Vikes have in Ryan Longwell, I would take my chances with a FG from 50 yards or closer by however many yards they could gain running up the gut with Chester Taylor. Then run the clock down to 3 seconds.

    He makes it, you go to the Superbowl. He misses it and you play in Overtime.
    Any number of Madden video game players could figure out the best scenario, lowest risk choice, there.

    THAT 5-yard, 12-men in the huddle, penalty, AFTER A TIMEOUT! was INEXCUSABLE!

    Having said all that, I’m happy the Saints are going to the Superbowl and I won all my bets yesterday.

  • Le Pew

    There was no excuse for the fumbles and interceptions. The Vikings were beating themselves.

    But the “fix was in”. In the days leading up to this game, all one heard from the sports networks was how this opportunity and this moment is such a great thing for the poor Katrina survivors and the city of New Orleans. It is too bad that the Vikings got “called” for 12 men on the field, when the “Katrina” Aints clearly had at least 15 men on the field and more in the “booth” for the entire game.

    I seriously doubt if Farve would have had to take so many chances, forcing the ball into coverage, and running for his life on a crushed ankle, if the officials hadn’t given New Orleans 14 points for two non-touchdowns. This is another of those politically correct “feel good” things. Even Stevie Wonder could see that the officials were holding the Aints hands, and walking them to a win, in overtime.

    The Colts need to realize when playing the Aints, that the Aints only need to get “close”, in order to score.

    Hey, look on the bright side! All the Favre Haters, including the ones at the media networks, and the Packer Nation *finally* got their wish. And Ted Thompson can finally say “I told you so”. And most of New Orleans will have another excuse not to go to work on Monday!


    I have not seen one Viking fan say the Saints played to win or any kind of congrats to the Saints. I am sorry you lost but you had a good season get over it. The Saints were the better team that day. You had your shots to win but you messed that up. All I hear is a bunch of soar loser making up excuses. Give the Saints credit for beating you don’t blame the refs because you sound stupid. Every game there is bad calls you don’t hear other teams complaining about it. Saints are going to the Superbowl soak that in. Now get over stop sounding like a bunch of babies.

  • SH28

    We must address our problems or we will lose again. Since Chilly got a 3 year extension, our only hope is to get on his back.

  • FaQ2

    ……..and pound him to a pulp!

  • BA

    Vikings set a couple records yesterday.

    19-27 (2nd belongs to Dallas)

    Most points scored in NFC Champ game, with a LOSS (28) TIED w/ Dallas-San Fran in 95.

    and 5 consecutive losses in the NFC Champ games (77, 87, 98 00 and 09).

    I’ve seem them all and each one is painful.

  • GreenBayHome

    Vikings fans are idiots. They blame everyone for their own, obvious stupidity! It was the refs (whaaa), it was Childress (whaa), it was AP (sob), it was Brett (sniffle), it was the owner (whine), it was Denny Green (a while back). Here’s the is YOUR fault for being a Vikings fan! Why don’t you just face the facts that you have a mascot with horns on his head and so do the fans. Give it up. You’re NOT going to the Super Bowl now and I doubt you EVER will!! Not in your lifetime! BTW: we the people of Wisconsin own our team…you don’t own a shoelace of your pathetic bunch of losers!!

  • John

    You guys don’t need to fix a thing. It was all outside forces that made you guys lose. Just repeat that mantra for a few months, undefeated season coming up soon (provided that they ban all the game-fixing that NFL promotes).

  • George

    I keep on hearing the indignation by Viking fans that feel cheated by the fact that Pierre Thomas knee was down before the ball crossed the goal line. This is true, but what you dont mention was that the Saints would have a first and goal from the one foot line, and would likely scored anyway. The Thomas pass interference call in overtime was a catchable pass! It has nothing to do with jumping 40 inches for the ball like some of you say, but of moving further downfield. He could have been there if he would have not been stepped on by Leber!
    The game will be on the NFL network tonight. Take another look at the game and see all the breaks that went the Vikings way, including the early bogus roughing the passer call that kept a stalled Vikings drive going (that ultimately lead to a TD), and the pass interference called against the Saints in the endzone, that gave the Vikings the ball on the one yard line, resulting in another TD.

  • Mike

    NFL Live already clearly demonstrated yesterday that Leber didn’t touch the receiver, among about 5 other bad calls against the Vikings.

    It’s alright, we realize the decimated city of New Orleans needs this Super Bowl, so we will just have to wait for next year for our turn to produce another feel good story.

  • George

    Mike, I saw the game again last night. Leber clearly stepped on Thomas foot. Why dont you take another look at the game again tonight? It will be on the NFL network
    at 9:30PM central

  • George

    OK, Pierre Thomas may have “fumbled”? In fact, he never really lost the ball, so you can not really define it as fumble. The booth officials reviewed this play that had been called by the field officials. It was a first down!!! You can not be serious about a “officiating
    conspiracy” here.
    Take another look at the game tonight, Viking fans!

  • Mike

    George, I can watch the game anytime I want, since I recorded it, but there is no way I can adjust the game tapes like NFL Live, who clearly showed Leber never touched the receiver.

  • Mike

    Also, the game tapes don’t show if Thomas still had the ball going down, but NFL Live said he didn’t.

    Moreover, they also showed that receiver, I think it was Meachem, clearly allowed his catch to hit the ground.

    The Saints winning drive was totally bogus but even worse was the way the refs allowed the Saints to hit Favre 17 times late while even admiting they didn’t care if they got penalties and then actually only got a couple.

  • lempilot

    Both teams blew it. The Vikes were given two separate drive savers in the first half which resulted in 14 points. A bogus roughing the passer call and really bogus late hit out of bounds call. Both calls were on third down, consequently keeping the drive alive. One of the Vikes fumbles in the red zone was a possession caused by a Saints fumble inside the 20. If Favre doesn’t throw the interception, Longwell has a 49 yd field goal—not a guarantee but I will take longwell anyday in that situation. I really wanted the Vikes to win. That being said, the Saints are the better team. Congratulations to the Saints from a diehard Vikes fan. You deserved to win.

  • lempilot

    btw, I live in MN.

  • Mike

    Lemme, you are no Vikings fan.

    The Saints take 17 hits on Favre with no sacks and you want to take away one of our only two penalities (for roughing the passer). Why don’t you just say you wanted Favre dead.

    Who cares if “one of the Vikes fumbles in the red zone was a possession caused by a Saints fumble inside the 20.”

    Finally you erroneously claim if Favre doesn’t throw the interception, Longwell has a 49 yd field goal. The Vikings were on the 38 – that’s 38 plus 10 plus 7 – a 55 yard FG. Favre was right to try to get back that bone head 5 yard 12 man in the huddle penalty.

    No way the Saints are the better team 475 yards to something like 225, with them cheap shotting Favre 17 times. Screw dem dat damn dirty Aints!

    They only deserved to win because the pathetic losers needed it after being stupid enough to build their city under sea level.

  • Lempilot

    If favre keeps it and runs he makes it to at least the 33. It is irrelevant that the saints hit favre a lot. The penalty flag on that play was not warranted. We lost. The season is over. It hurts.. I am ashamed of being a vikes fan at times. We lost in 78 because he pushed off… We lost in 98 because of green… We lost because of the refs… We lost because we did not have enough points is the reality. Show so Viking pride and stop whining. Our team collectively was not as good as the saints on Sunday. Granted the only thing the saints had to do was commit less mistakes, they did. W