10 Ways to Make the Vikings Better: #1 - Fire Eric Bieniemy

Laying out the top 10 ways for the Vikings to improve themselves this off-season, so maybe next year, instead of making it to the brink of the Super Bowl, they can actually, you know, make the Super Bowl…

Eric Bieniemy has been the Vikings running back coach since Brad Childress took over in 2006.  In 2007, the Vikings drafted Adrian Peterson, and put him under Bieniemy’s tutlage.  In each of Peterson’s three years since becoming Bieniemy’s pupil, his rush yardage has decreased.  His fumble total actually went down from 9 in 2008 to 6 in 2009, but then the NFC Championship Game happened and his fumbling problem reached an all-time peak.  He has improved slightly in his blocking and pass catching but still has problems in those areas.

It is also suspected, though Brad Childress has refused to confirm it, that Bieniemy was largely responsible for the miscommunication that led to Naufahu Tahi being the 12th man in the huddle.

Outside of the fact that Adrian Peterson seems to like him, I can’t think of one good reason for the Vikings to retain Bieniemy.  Maybe Peterson’s issues aren’t his fault, but the fact is, Peterson seems to have regressed in many areas, and when stuff like that happens, coaches take the fall for it.  Plus, by firing Bieniemy, Chilly would be offering up a proper sacrifice to Viking Nation for that tremendous 12-men-in-the-huddle cock-up.  Perhaps then we would be appeased.  Perhaps not.

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  • Mike

    It is ridiculous counting down to 10 picking off each of Chilly’s coaches, especially since we can only imagine who will hired to replace him. This is all Chilly’s problem. I say if he doesn’t win next year buy out his contract. But I have a feeling he is wired to win it all next year with Favre. Unfortunately, you already fired Favre before you even started to pick coaches off.

  • Kurt

    You must be crazy. That trumped up statistic of AP’s numbers going down….along with the Tauhi speculation is a clear indication of this blog writer’s incompetence. EB is the main reason AP is a viking and the main reason two star RB’s (yes, Chester was a rising star) could co-exist in that backfield. There are a thousand more reasons to keep Bienemy than the two weak, lame reasons you posted here.

  • http://purplejesus.wordpress.com PJDiaries

    Also, Bieniemy was a Colorado Buffalo, which makes him a huge dick head. Reason enough.

  • http://judspressbox.blogspot.com/2009/08/afc-east-will-look-to-feast-in-2009.html 3rdStoneFromTheSun

    the fumbling is all AP

    Eric can only plead for him to hold onto the ball

  • http://www.vikingsgab.com Adam Warwas

    On my site, I also alluded to the thought of Bieniemy being on the chopping block.

    I think you do sell him short by ignoring how much better Peterson has become at pass catching, pass blocking, short yardage situations, and goal line situations over th elast three years. Bieniemy is a big part of turning Adrian into a “complete back.”

    However, I agree with you that SOMEBODY needs to be brought in to get Peterson to hold onto the ball. Bieniemy has had three years to get it done and didn’t. If they have to fire Bieniemy to bring that guy in, then so be it.

  • GB Nordic

    If the VIkes do keep Eric, I think they will be anyways. I think that the Vikes should be a silk covering over the ball for AD to carry during training camp. If this does not preach ball security I am not sure what will.

  • Insider

    EB is the best running backs coach in the league.PERIOD. Ask around before you go popping off this nonsense on this blog. If Childress was foolish enough to fire eric, EB would have new coaching job in the league or college before the next morning rolls around. You should make some connections with NFL players and ask around. EB is loved and well-courted. He declined job offers to stay in MN. YOu should really make some friends in the league before writing some stupid sh** like this.

  • supervike

    Appease us!

  • dk

    You said: “In each of Peterson’s three years since becoming Bieniemy’s pupil, his rush yardage has decreased. ”

    I can only assume you mean average yards per carry, since in 2008 he led the NFL with 1760 yards rushing, his career high (in year 2). And over 4300 yards in his 1st 3 seasons is certainly no slouch. Plus more catches this year than in years 1 and 2 combined (43 vs 40)
    Believe me, I would love to see him break 300 in a game some day, as well as the 2000 barrier for a season. I also believe it could still happen; he’s still very young, and still learning many things. I hope he also learns to hold onto the ball better.

    My opinion is they missed Matt Birk’s All-Pro presence at center more than anyone would like to admit. This line’s performance was OK but not great, especially in the run game. I think after the first few games, when the competition started getting tougher, their main objective was protection in the passing game, which they did reasonably well, at least until the Saints (who were obviously on a mission).

  • Mark

    Maybe if AP realizes Bienemy’s job is on the line, he’ll stop fumbling.