Brett Favre's Bruise Pictures: What Exactly is the Point?

Everyone who watched the NFC Championship Game knew Brett Favre received an epic pounding at the hands of the Saints.  Now, Favre and his agent Bus Cook have elected to show the world exactly how epic that pounding was, by releasing photos of Favre’s bruised leg and foot.

Though the injuries aren’t nearly as bad as those sustained by, say, many victims of the Haiti earthquake, they are still pretty nasty, and serve as a stark reminder of exactly how violent and potentially damaging football can be.

I have a funny feeling, however, that Brett and Bus weren’t simply motivated by a desire to educate the public about the perils of being an NFL quarterback.  There was a specific public relations purpose behind the release of these photos.

I’m not sure exactly what that purpose might have been, but I suspect it had something to do with answering the people who’ve been hammering Favre for the terrible play he made at the end of the title game, the one that cost the Vikings a chance at going to the Super Bowl.

The criticism of Favre there isn’t just that he threw the interception, but that he appeared to have enough open field in front of him to run for a few yards instead, and give Ryan Longwell a realistic shot at a game-winning field goal. The bruise pictures may, then, be a direct reply to the people who are grumbling because Favre didn’t run.

“See how bad his leg was?” the pictures say.  “Now do you think he still should’ve run?”

Actually, yes, I think he still should’ve run.

Even on a bad leg, he could’ve limped three or four yards and then gone out of bounds.  Maybe that wouldn’t have given the Vikings enough yards to get the field goal, but it still would’ve been better than attempting an impossible throw across his body, one that ended up being intercepted.

The last I looked, a difficult field goal attempt was still preferable to not having the ball at all.

So no Brett, your Tila Tequila-like photo release has not caused me to change my mind or forgive you for your idiot mistake.  Maybe if you’d released a photo showing your skull dented in, I would’ve believed a severe head injury and not your usual cowboy complex was to blame for that moronic attempted pass.

Besides, I’m sure you’ve played games where you were equally banged up, and still made plays.  Hell, you made plenty of plays against the Saints after taking all those hits.  The problem is, when you were called upon to make that one last vital play, you failed miserably, taking the hopes and dreams of Viking fans down with you.

Nice sympathy-grab, but I’m not buying it.

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  • Mike

    I’ll buy 2! One, the NFL should have protected him. Two, he was too hurt to run.

    Danzinski, you just have no sympathy or empathy, maybe apathy. You remind me of a Saints fan.

  • Mike

    Still, a badly battered Favre took the Vikings to the brink of a Super Bowl, falling short only because of a moronic 12 man in the huddle penalty.

    Just think of that. Do you really think T-Jack or Sage could have beat the Cowboys and then almost beat the Saints in the Sodom of the South with fans yelling for him to break his leg!

  • Mike

    The media has been comparing Favre’s gritty performance on par with Beowulf’s tales! Next year we will win it all.

  • Kevin WI

    Whomever is writing this blog entry is clearly a moron.

  • jason

    What exactly is the point of your postings? I’ve been coming here for awhile, but the last several postings have just been bitter, asinine, holier than thou rants. I’ll get my vikings fix elsewhere. Bye TVA.

  • Mike

    Another consideration is the FG distance. If Favre would have run less than 5 yards, the FG would have been over 50 yards, where Longwell has a career FG percentage of 61%. If Favre would have completed the pass to Rice at the 22, the FG would have been under 40 yards, where Longwell has a career FG percentage of 88%. Moreover, the chances Favre’s pass would be intercepted were low since he had less than 2% of his passes intercepted this year. Unfortunately, sh@t happens!

  • Ben

    Even though I think it’s good photos like that are seen cuz it shows us what the players go through, it was classless to release them now right before the SB.

    All players go through that, and for Favre to agree to let these be released right now is petty and lame.

    Used to love the man, now I think he should go retire for the third time and just stay down.

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  • mikesanidiot

    FG distance has little to do with it. Longwell is 8 of 8 for 50+ yard FGs over the last two years. The simple fact is that Favre wanted to be the hero. That’s it.

    I felt bad for Longwell. His chance to win the game was taken away by Favre and his ego.

    And too hurt to run? Yeah, OK. He was too hurt to run 5 yards straight forward. But he was just fine to rollout 10 yards to the sideline. Get a clue. Danzinski’s absolutely right. This release of Favre’s boo-boos is a PR move. Another in a long list of excuses for poor playoff performances.

  • favrebacker

    This is the best team brett has ever played on. There was also anothe receiver open he could have thrown to but brett knew he had to be the hero. The dikes need brett back because this is the best team he has ever played on even if dildodress sucks as a coach

  • AntiFavre

    The posting of the pics should be an embarrassment for all Viking fans. Favre loves attention and he soaks up all he can get from NFLN and ESPN. Every time you turn around it’s Favre saying “look at me! look at me!”. His success in the NFL has finally gone to his head.

  • Billy Bob Wilcox

    I would wager a guess that Mr. Critical here wouldn’t show up to type on his frigging keyboard with injuries like that. The Vikings would not have been in that game for Mr. Favre to “lose with one play” were it not for Mr. Favre making hundreds of other plays this year. My bet: You are a typical jock-sniffer whose Mom and sister are the only ones that remember a single play from your “sports career,” be that T-ball or the NFL. I believe you to be a chicken-sht whiner evidenced by the fact that you post under some bullsht name. YOU find yourself qualified to criticize one of the greatest athletes to ever touch a football? But I must remember even @sswipes are entitled to their opinions…because this is America and we are all created equal – some less equal than others. A LOT less. >>> On second thought, your limp Vikings were 61-67 2001-8. You shouldn’t talk bad about Mr. Favre while wearing your Vikings logoed apparel, as he helped you to a winning record this century. You’ve NEVER won a Super Bowl so you oughta be used to that…at least you didn’t have to deal with the disappointment of going and LOSING again. Just shut the fck up and go shine your District All Tournament Honorable Mention trophy, jocksniffer.

  • Billy Bob Wilcox

    And when you ask “what is the point,” the definition of “point” infers elimination of all extraneous information in presentation of the central focus. My point? Don’t be redundant by using “exactly,” particularly in a headline, dumb@ss. It makes you sound like a bubble-headed 15yo cheerleader. And jocksniffers don’t have trophies…I was just trying to flatter you. Now go fill your non-masculine existence with some more jocksniffing and critical blogging.

  • William Shipley

    They had a 51 yard attempt ready and then lost 5 yards to 12 men in the huddle. Now you have a 56 yard field goal. Farve rolls BACK to pass. At the point he decides to throw, two defenders are coming at him. He might make it back to the line of scrimmage and even gain 2-3 yeards. Now you have a 53-54 yard field goal. Is it a better odds than a throw to Rice in coverage? Hard to say.

    But that didn’t lose the game, that just put them into overtime. If they win the coin toss, they probably win. If they lose the coin toss, winning is still a good chance since New Orleans couldn’t move the ball. Then there’s the interference call to move the ball for them. Not Farve’s fault.

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  • Mike

    The guy, who thinks FG distance has little to do with it because Longwell is 8 for 8 the last two years, is the idiot. I suppose he thinks Longwell had a 100% chance at 50 to 55 yards. Rather it is just a statisical aberration caused by his small sample size. Longwell had a much better chance within 40 yards than outside 50 yards, especially in the pressure of the playoffs with a very HOSTILE crowd threatening their safety with abusive chants.

  • Mike

    I am also not buying Ben’s claim that “All players go through that.” He essentially even admits we don’t know what players go through when he says “it’s good photos like that are seen cuz it shows us what the players go through.” Even Favre, who is known for being able to take hits, did not take a beating all year like the Saints gave him with late and illegal hits.

  • SH28

    Sports writer Chris Miller says some critics now say the Saints play dirty, after quarterbacks Kurt Warner and Brett Favre took a beating from the Saints in the playoffs. Linebacker Jonathan Vilma responds: “I don’t know if we’ve crossed that line. Some people say we have, but at the end of the day, we’re in the Super Bowl, so we’re not worried about that.” Apparently, the fines from the NFL weren’t high enough to make it clear.

  • beagamer


    Favre had 2 chances in the last 3 years to go to the Superbowl. What other quarterback can say that. This is nothing more than a whine from someone that doesn’t like Favre. Let me guess, you were one of the guys that said he should have retired 3 years ago because he was washed up. This guy has shown us all how fun football is and how enjoyable it is to watch him on Sundays. Favre rocks and I’m far from a Vikings fan.

  • Mike

    NFL Total Network Access Rich Eisen and former coach Steve Mariuchi argue with former player Marshall Faulk about the Saints defense. Faulk argues on the side that they are not dirty but admits he is not being honest.

  • Mike
  • Mike

    Former Viking Matt Blair argues in the Star Tribune:

    “The difference was, however, that the Saints defense was hitting Favre like he was a tackling dummy. That shook him up and upset the tempo of our passing game. Our defense hardly got to Drew Brees all game …. I think we’ll always look back in dismay at the play with 19 seconds left when the Vikings were called with having too many guys in the huddle, which took us out of field goal range. That left Favre needing to get additional yardage in order to get us in better position for a field goal….I think Favre should come back and lead the Vikings again….Now, we must cheer for the Saints to win over the AFC’s Colts.”

    Yes Matt, the Saints defense hit Favre, but was it legal or dirty? And yes it was Chilly’s 12 man penalty that forced Favre into the INT and we should definitely bring Favre back. But root for the dirty Saints that tried to kill Favre? NEVER!

  • Mike

    Contrary to claims by some former players (and sportscasters), I doubt they can show bruises worse than those Brett Favre had to play with. Although I can’t say I have ever seen any bruises other than those allegedly sustained by Tila Tequila from Shawn Merriam, which were nothing more than slight discolorings with little if any swelling.

  • Scott

    I googled Favre’s bruises after hearing about them from a friend and landed on this site. People who are upset with Favre are stupid. You need to look at the game as a whole. Our ball control was awful! There were so many players that fumbled during crucial points of the game that laying the blame on Favre is asinine. I have said it many times before, but I will say it again. Without Favre, there is no way we would have gone as far as we did. Sure, he made the final play to lose the game, but it is all a team effort. I support Favre despite him making a stupid decision.

  • Jeremy

    If Favre hadn’t been at Minnesota, Minnesota wouldn’t have been in the NFC championship in the first place. You blame him for that one loss, which loses sight of the fact that there would’ve been no chance to win or lose that game without him. Quit cry-babying.

  • Who Dat

    So, you remove my comment for telling it like it was. That is fine. Drown in the conspiracy theories. The Vikes were just not good enough.

  • AZTeddyKGB

    No one wanted to vikes to beat the saints than me. This blogger is a sour, bitter fan. To hold Favre in such low regard makes me wonder how educated about football this guy really is. Favre did so much for Minnesota this year. Christ, give the man some credit.

  • Jesse

    This MN team is NOT the best Favre ever player on, the best was the 1996 SB XXXI champion GB Packers. Those spiders have many more years of free housing coming in the MN trophy case.

  • Mike

    Deacon Jones was just on ESPN’s Mike and Mike. Jones said the Saints would win if they do to Manning what they did to Favre. He also said he respects QBs who took his punishments without complaining.

    Apparently, Dirty Deacon would have the Dirty D of the Saints hit the QBs late after the ball is gone without regard to penalties or fines. And the QB is not allowed to complain (or show pics of his injuries like Favre).

  • Mike

    Archie Manning was just on ESPN’s Mike and Mike. Archie said the city of New Orleans needs the Super Bowl to help rebuild the city as a place of big events.

    The government will make sure the Saints win by telling the refs to allow the Saints D to injure Peyton Manning.

  • Mike

    ESPN’s Mike and Mike were just talking about Manning going down or just turning his back so he doesn’t get hit.

    I can’t imagine the dirty Saints D not hitting him as hard as they can anyway. The NFL has some more decisions to make this offseason about protecting the QB. Otherwise, the league will become like ultimate fighting next year.

  • Mike

    Yesterday, New Orleans voters elected Louisiana Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu to succeed Ray Nagin as Mayor, turning to a political scion to speed up the city’s recovery since Hurricane Katrina.

    What they really need is a Super Bowl – by hook or by crook.

  • swallowIT

    You Minnesotans will be arguing about this for years. You’re trying desperately to shout out frustrations over the internet to mask your anger that you know Favre was the best chance you ever had, and now it’s gone. Tsk Tsk.

  • Todd Nicholson

    I think the pictures were released to serve two purposes. Number one was rationalizing his throw in that moment. The second I think has to do with a grumpy old man called Fran Tarkenton who, from what was discussed on The Score AM 670 in Chicago, said that Favre was faking the severity of his injury for drama’s sake. Not the case at all. I think it’s human nature to want to defend a mistake as big as that. Still, the second reason is much more passable a reason. Fran Tarkenton has tarnished his reputation with Vikings fans more than Favre did with that INT.

  • Mike

    No arguments here, swallow, if that is really what you do. All my friends knew the Super Bowl was fixed for the Saints and didn’t even bother to watch it. Here in Minnesota the Superbowl had much lower television ratings than the NFC Championship Game. We know Favre is coming back for our Super Bowl next year.

  • Ben

    i think for one you have to take the good with the bad haha favre did the same thing to us i am a packer fan by the way and we still loved him no matter what and all i have to say about this whole thing is how do you like him now you bandwagon jumpers you seemed to hate him quite a bit when he playe for us and all of the sudden he is the greatest qb to play the game it just doesnt seem rite to me

  • Ben

    o and btw the vikes can’t win a superbowl with favres ass on the groun ass on the ground do u like how i turned that around on u guys u thought it was so cool that he sang that song hahah

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  • Mike

    Favre will shut up the critics once and for all by winning his second Super Bowl next year.

  • jirobbi

    There is no doubt about it. There was enough evidence that the Saints Coaching staff were supporting the defensive efforts to take Brett out of the game. Hits after he no longer was in the play is proof. Hits again and again after the ball was gone.

    It was clearly a design to take him out of the game. It was not to stop the play. It was not for the sack. Any idiot can see that unless he is pulling for the Saints.

    It would have been worth it to the saints if there had been 1 $100,000 fine imposed on the player who broke his leg.

    The Saints coach Sean Payton pretended to be a friend and encouraged Favre to return this year and then allow his players to continue to hit him after the ball had left his hands, well after. This was not a statement to let Favre know that they were there. One makes those statements while they are in the process of a sack. Sacks were not the point of these illegal hits, taking him out of the game was the point.

    I have been a Saints fan for more than 40 years but that all ended that day. I am mad and get madder every day that passes. I detest Sean Payton at this point and can’t even stand to see a picture of him. I cannot believe that I pulled for them this year. I can’t understand why more people can’t see what went on that day.

    In spite of all that, Favre led them to a tie and if not for dropped balls and the lack of blocking from the line the pass in question would never have occured. Run, with an ankle like that, who could have made it?

  • bcovell

    Finally, a Saints fan that is rational…I applaud you!! Pats did the same thing to Manning for a couple of years to beat the Colts. Giants roughed up Brady to win SB 42…although they had a few sacks unlike the Saints this postseason!! I bet if you went to the Pats fans blogs from two years ago they were whining just like us Vikes fans!! Just a matter of perspective and what side of it a fan base is on!! Point of pics…1) This is why I’m retiring, it takes awhile to recover when you’re 40 so please don’t bash me Vikes fans!! 2) I’m pissed at the NFL…if they think we ran up the score on Dallas…I will make sure to run up the score in every game we can next season!! The dirtiest player in the game wasn’t the Saints D…it was the NFL!! During the regular season defenses play two hand touch with qb’s after the ball is released!! The NFL doesn’t want its money boys hurt in the regular season so defenses hold back!! But during the post season all bets are off…hence Colts v Pats, Giants v Pats, Saints v Vikings!! The NFL should let them play in the regular season as well…then we might have a Cle v Det SB cuz all the money boys got hurt and nobody would watch!! In my opinion the NFL is the dirtiest player and they have suckered all of us!! Bash me if you want!!

  • Mike

    bcovell, there are some big holes in your argument that during the regular season defenses play two hand touch, but during the post season all bets are off. If it is true, why don’t the other teams also kill the opposing QB? Ray Edwards now says he would have killed Drew Brees if he had known the dirty Saints D was trying to kill Brett Favre.

  • Mike

    On KFAN yesterday, Ray Edwards appeared to be blaming the loss on fear among the coaches – whatever he means by that ??? I wish these sports reporters would try to get the real story about what happened in the bayou.

  • Mike

    Rick Spielman is saying the Vikings were the better team but gave it away. Does he mean the turnovers an 12 man penalty? I wish someone would elaborate on their statements ???

  • SH28

    or maybe it is the morons that think you can’t disguise plays without putting 12 men in the huddle.

  • bcovell

    Mike…I would have loved to see Allen or Edwards deck Brees…but the Vikes didn’t have to!! They held the Saints to 257 yards and the only long, sustained drive the Aints had was the first…otherwise they scored on a short field cuz of two long kick returns and the Harvin fumble!! According to some Aints fans the Vikes did hit Brees late and didn’t get penalized…if that is true why didn’t ESPN show it over and over like Favre!! I’ve never liked Edwards but he was pretty quiet this year cuz the Vikes were winning and having fun…it takes a loss like this to bring the stupidity out of guys like him!!

  • Mike

    bcovell. Still not buying your argument that the Vikes didn’t have to stop the Saints from killing their QB because they were beating the Saints in yardage, although maybe you are right at the end of your post that they are stupid.

  • bcovell

    Mike…I’m not disagreeing the Vikes o-line needed to step up but the defense didn’t need to rough up Brees to stop the Aints!! How do you get a team to stop blitzing…by having a couple of big gainers on screens or draws…does anyone recall a screen run by the Vikes? Once again it falls on our arrogant over-analytical egghead of a coach!!

  • Mike

    I agree the head coach was the problem but they did need to knock the crap out of Brees and I think they will in September.

    Shiancoe told Sirius NFL Radio that the Vikings will be looking to exact revenge against the Saints for the illegal hits the New Orleans defense applied to quarterback Brett Favre in the NFC Championship. “When you’ve got teams like that and defensive coordinators saying those types of things publicly it just creates a little turmoil, a little animosity.” Like teammate Ray Edwards, Shiancoe says he didn’t realize that the Saints were applying “remember hits” to Favre. And Shiancoe says he would have done something about it, if he had known. I would have said something to our defense about it and it would have been damn chaos out there. It would have been a war out there.”

  • bcovell

    Mike…I just hope it isn’t the first game of the season cuz it would mean nothing…especially if 4 retires!! Let it be near the end of the season so home field advantage might be determined…getting way ahead of myself there!! Yes it would have been nice to see one of the vikes layout brees!! But it was too close of a game to retaliate!! Remember the two remember me shots were near the end of the 3rd quarter!! Would have been stupid for one of the Vikes to get a 15 yard penalty in the 4th quarter…then we could blame him for the loss as well!!