I Think We All Get the Hint on Brett Favre

I’m beginning to think ESPN people get paid not by the hour or word, but by how often they ask someone in the Vikings organization about Brett Favre.

Yes, I realize he’s big news.

No, I do not think it’s necessary to inquire about his plans every day of the week.

I think Brad Childress probably agrees. Not that he would ever show his irritation. We know how Chilly loves playing it close to the vest.

He was asked again today at the owners meetings in Orlando. Chilly said what he always says: Brett has as much time as he wants to make up his mind. The Vikings will wait for him. There is no deadline. There is no pressure.

Chilly did admit that, in a perfect world, he would prefer Brett be there for training camp.

“As a coach, you’re a mother hen, you’d like him to be there for all of it,” Childress said. “But I’m enough of a realist to know that’s probably not going to be the case.”

He could’ve added, “And I’m enough of a realist to know that you people won’t stop asking, so I’ll just have to grin and bear it.”

Grin and bear it right up until the moment Brett announces his return for the 2010 season – something I expect to happen around the first preseason game.

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  • http://www.safehavendevelopment.com rpsafehaven

    We Love you Brett! Let the guy get some rest. we need him next season!

  • supervike

    Let’s see, Brett Favre of T-Jack…

    That’s pretty easy.

  • http://www.website.com danzinski’s father

    You just put up a post about Brett Favre. Instead of it being informative, you just complained about how much attention ESPN gives to Favre. Guess what? Favre sells. Just that simple. That’s the only reason you just made this post, so you get more hits. Favre = $. He can probably be credited with a small increase in GDP for Mississippi, Minnesota, and definitely Stink Bay, Wisconsin. I’m sure you’ve made more money from this site this last year than all of your years combined blogging. Yet you still dog his ass, when you really should be right behind Chilly waiting in line to suck his d^$*.

  • http://www.dailynorseman.com/2010/2/7/1300432/brett-favre-y-a-tittle-redux lorenzo4

    Wow. Your dad is cool

  • http://pickingpros.com pickingpros

    I think you’ll be able to see when he’s retiring depending on whether the Vikings bring in McNabb. If they don’t pursue that, its fair to say Favre will be back, and has confirmed that to Childress.

  • Herb

    Favre is coming back and Vikings will go nowhere. Favre had a lot to prove last year and luckily had a decent team behind him. Next year he’s coming back just to hit 301 consecutive starts and the $11M paycheck. Have fun with that MN! Sell your tickets and jerseys now while you can.

  • frank75

    who cares about how much money bf makes the fact is that he is most likely to go down as the greatist nfl player of all time yes! alltime other than a exceptional few ie. johnny unites elway or even montana he will be in a elite field that will be his achievment that no man can ever take away from him I am sure he wants to be in the big show as bad as the next guy now is team must support him with whatever choice he makes and god bless him he will allways be remembered as the best.