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Brittany Favre Gives Brett a Grandchild

Brett Favre already had the silver hair and gimpy limbs of a grandfather, and now he has the actual grandchild, thanks to daughter Brittany.

The new addition to the Favre family, Parker Brett, arrived April 2 according to the Old Gunslinger’s website.

In case you were wondering, the baby weighed in at 7 lbs., 7 oz. It was actually due in early March but, being a Favre, it needed some time to make up its mind about coming out.

A call from Brad Childress finally convinced Parker Brett to leave the womb.

Sources say he will be skipping kindergarten and half of grade school.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • lorenzo4

    that was bloody cute

  • Mike

    I’m afraid the Vikings are about to draft Grandpas replacement at quarterback, either McCoy or Clausen, followed by a cornerback-safety hybrid and then offensive lineman.

    They won’t be able to get the scat back running back they need and want for third downs like Dexter McCluster or Joe McKnight, and will have to go with Darius Reynaud, at least until Westbrook comes down on price.

    I would do more for the secondary by drafting saftey first (to replace Madieu Williams), then cornerback and offensive lineman. They should forget about getting a quarterback, which will only serve to threaten Favre.

  • Mike

    I should explain if the Vikings use a first round draft pick to get a quarterback, they will not be able to afford to have him sitting on the bench for long and Favre will be gone within a few years (the same thing happened in Green Bay), regardless of how many more years Favre could play. The Vikings have no need to draft Favre’s replacement now, because when Favre is ready to go they can sign a free agent, trade or draft, especially since college QBs have recently proven they can start as rookies.