Metrodome Roof Collapse Video

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Joe D. Ramirez

    Hey Dan, I wrote this on a sister site about the game being relocated. I’m happy to see what yall have to say.

    “It is said that luck is the result of hard work and design. But the NY Giants must have a four leaf clover stuck to the bottom of their cleats because they have another away game that isn’t. The roof of the Metrodome collapes and the game must be relocated. The Minnesota Vikings preferred to relocate the game at the University of Minnesota; the Giants preferred to play in Detroit. Where will the game be played? Detroit. Detroit, a short 9 hour drive for Vikings fans. I guess if there is any reason to cut out of work early on a Monday, football is as good of a reason as any other. The reason given by the NFL is that there are network cameras already set up in Detroit and making the transition to Minnesota would be unfeasible.”