Jared Allen Accused of Dirty Play After Helmet-To-Helmet Hit On Lance Louis

Jared Allen is probably looking at a big fine after laying a big shot on Bears offensive lineman Lance Louis. The hit happened after a Jay Cutler interception. Allen went into blocker mode and put his helmet right into Louis. It was a blindside hit too, so that made it look even worse. Louis was injured on the play and did not return, further depleting the Bears’ offensive line. Of course even with a depleted line, the Bears had little trouble shutting down the Vikings’ pass rush. Apparently the Bears offensive line only struggles against the other teams in the league, not the Vikings. Must be the Soldier Field grass slowing down our speed rushers. Yeah. That’s it. Couldn’t be lack of effort.

Will Leslie Frazier hammer the Vikings’ linemen for lack of physicality like he did in the wake of the first Bears game in 2011, a game that played out similarly to today’s? Maybe. Allen certainly showed plenty of physicality on his shot to Lance Louis. Some of that was probably frustration coming out. Maybe the hit was a tad dirty. Either way, the NFL will be taking a big chunk out of Jared’s bank account this week. Jared doesn’t mind anyway. He likes giving to charity. (via: The Big Lead)

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  • http://twitter.com/JensenGregory Greg Jensen

    Honestly looks to me like he led with his shoulder and just blindsided him. It looks more violent than it actually was.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hughsterg Hugh Gitlin

    He hit him with his shoulder, and the Louis was looking at another Viking. Allen hit him, not from behind, but in from the right side. Louis didn’t have his head on the proverbial swivel.

  • Jim in Chicago

    Yeah, right. That’s why the guy had to leave the game, just a little tap. Dirty, cheap head-hunting shot. Guess if you can’t win the game, see if you can hurt someone. Allen better keep an eye outy in 2 weeks.

    • Spogoney5

      You act like he’s a bad player. Wish chicago fans would get the worst kind of cancer soon.

  • goalieman01

    To Jim in Chicago, really, if it was someone on your team hitting a vikings player you would have said its a good hit and unfortunate. He lead with he shoulder for a blindsided block, the head to head contact was very minimal and def. not intended…it was def a hard hit but its fricken football, he didn’t mean to injur the guy… wow some people seriously can’t look at things from an outside perspective

    • Josh

      you have no idea what your talking about. he drives straight through louis’s head. he went airborn and straight in to the head. He should be suspended. It’s ridiculous. He could have blocked him just as easily to the body. he left his feet and went at the head. Jim is right, he better watch out when we come to Minnesota. I wanna see Allen laid out the same way.

      • Spgoney5

        I wish you and other bears fans would die of leukemia someday.

  • Josh

    Goalieman, It’s so not even close to being a legal hit. He goes airborne leads with the helmet, hit’s helmet to helmet and goes straight through him. he should be suspended for as many games as louis is out. Your obviously completely blinded by your fandom. When i saw this live i rewound it over and over. It’s blatantly illegal. One of the most viscious hits to the head all year. to say it’s minimal is just plain stupid. we can all see the hit.

  • Dan

    DIrty play by a dirty player. Suspend him for their next meeting in 2 weeks.

    • Spogoney5

      Hope you get cancer someday.

  • Spogoney5

    I really hope the bears fans that troll here would pass away from cancer someday.

  • Disgusted

    Spogoney5 – What’s with the cancer? Very insensitive to actual cancer sufferers. You should rethink your rhetoric.

  • unionplayersareonthesameteam

    Helmet to helmet is not the issue here. The issue is he blindsided another player and left his feet. Jarrod Allen has had his issues with illegal hits and being an upstanding person in the past including jail time. Many times player do this to each other and as a fan of the game I find it disgusting. Allen could have squared up lewis and laid a nice block on him without physically harming him. The fact that this hit was not flagged is going to make his fine or suspension much worse, considering these teams are in the hunt for playoff contention he may have caused much more harm to his own team then he did the bears offensive line.

  • CJ

    The Helmets may have scrapped a little on the side but all the contact is made from Allen putting his shoulder into LL’s chest. It’s not even a blindside hit, a blindside hit happens when you hit a player from behind or from a blindside shoulder. Allens shoulder is inside both of Louis’s shoulder and his feet are outside of both of Louis’s feet. He squared him in the chest. Louis was not looking where he was going, looking one way and head turned completly to the left.

    The only issue is Allen leaving his feet. But his shoulder is inside Louis’s shoulder so it can’t be a blindside hit. Also the crown of Allens helmet didn’t come close to making any contact, the sides of the Helmet may have touched but that happens on every play. Louis even said he didn’t get hit in the head. So please explain this helmet to helmet stuff. He left his feet, that’s it. At worst it’s a 21 G fine. Maybe 30 but I doubt it. Go look at the Ed Reed hit, that was way worse and he got what? Or the Dobbins hit on Cutler. Good drill a Bears linemen you all should be sending Allen a case of Paps after drilling one of those scrubs. One of your linmen finally knows what gameday contact feels like. Go watch some of Cutlers greatest hits. Guy gets beaten sensless on a regular basis because that scrub line and you chumps complain about him. That guy puts so much lipstick on that pig of an offense it’s not even funny. He takes blindside hit after hit, and the dude keeps getting up. He took a worse hit on his TD throw than Louis took and Cutler got up, again. Louis takes one hit and can’t get up? Really? Please I will send you Ponder in a second for that Beast you got playing QB who none of you can stand because he yells at that scrub of a line and thinks the media sucks. Dude has to tie their shoes for them. Chicago fans please, watch an actual NFL game. Bunch of spoiled sissy city boys who can’t get passed 85. Gosh who wants the tough, cannon armed, mobile QB who can make every throw in the nfl and has carried that pig offense for years. Look what Campbell looked like on that offense, it’s not even close. You can’t even win a game without him and you all think he sucks and want Kyle Orton back.

  • George Gray

    CJ s a Bears fan, I agree with much of what you said. I don’t think Allen was trying to hurt Louis. However, you have blindside, and being hit from behind mistaken. As you mentioned, Lance Louis was not looking in Jared Allen’s direction. That is the definition of a blindside hit. You can’t launch yourself into a player who is not looking. The helmet to helmet stuff…that is part of football. Ed Reed’s hit was not as bad as this one, the only reason that he received as harsh a fine as he did is because Ed Reed has a history of hits like that. As far as lineman go, you are correct about most of the line, but Lance Louis is the one lineman that is having an excellent year. That is why the Bears fans are so upset..