Here's a Picture of Christian Ponder's Messed-Up Arm

For a minute or two on Saturday a few of us, under the influence of alcohol, may have spouted off about Christian Ponder being a wimp. But of course that was totally unfair and wrong. Anything I may have said to that effect on Twitter or anywhere else is retracted with apology. Ponder was legitimately afflicted with a legitimate case of bursitis. And that crap is serious. Now we have the photographic evidence of just how serious it was.

This pic comes via Shari Gross of the Star-Tribune. Clearly that arm is not right. It would’ve been silly for Ponder to try and play with that arm. It’s too bad the Vikings didn’t have a real back-up to send in when Ponder couldn’t go. That’s on Rick Spielman. Sorry, it just is. People can argue that till they’re blue in the face. Spielman makes the calls on personnel. He had a choice to carry a better #2 QB than Joe Webb. He chose not to.

But it’s all water under the bridge now. We look forward to 2013. When Christian Ponder’s arm will not look like he just pulled it out of a bear trap. And Joe Webb will be flipping burgers.

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  • Syed

    What a completely unprofessional and unnecessarily rude way to end the article.

  • James

    Not spielmans fault coaches didn’t use plays suited to Joe Webb

  • zinski is a clown

    Do you even know what elbow bursitis is? That bruising does not show it at all…thats simply bruising which has been pushed up the arm due to his compression wrap. Bursitis is on the joint. Get a clue.

  • Slayton

    Ponder said he did not have any velocity on the ball during warmups. A severe triceps contusion could certainly effect his throwing mechanics. If he couldn’t play, he couldn’t play. Look what happened to RGIII. Webb was put in a bad spot. He is not a accurate QB, never was. This is on Speilman. Should have kept a decent backup QB in Rosenfeld and converted Webb to WR or slot receiver. Only a handful of coaches in the league seem to make good adjustments on the fly. Our coaches are not in that category. After a couple series, they should have gone with the short passing game and read option game letting AP and Webb run all day. This year the Vikings failed miserably in gametime adjustments. With that being said, The Vikes will need a good backup QB next year and if they can’t sign Harvin they need to shop him for a legitimate wideout then convert Webb to receiver, just saying.