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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Vikings Select QB Johnny Manziel. Again.

The FanSided weekly mock draft is stuck in a rut. Last week the pick for the Vikings was Johnny Manziel, this week the pick is

Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

When you have Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel and Josh Freeman as your options under center, you would have to be thrilled to have a player like Manziel fall into your laps.

While Manziel is a controversial prospect, he is the top available quarterback and that is where the Vikings currently need the most help.

Or could the Vikings make a move up to #2 and take one of the other quarterbacks? The Rams reportedly are looking to move out of that #2 spot.

It won’t be easy to swing a trade, but of course Rick Spielman is a genius at working the draft. So he will find a way.

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  • Immanuel Mueller

    This would be the Ponder pick all over again (though with a lot more bad attitude), ie, a bad move. This team does not need the kind of baggage this punk would bring with him. In my opinion.

    • Steve long

      you dont know what you are talking about and if you did the other qb they want would be more like ponder, johnny would be better and look at what moss did here he had a bad attitude to but this time we have a couch that will not let him be like that the new couch would stop it right away

      • Immanuel Mueller

        So we have a magic sofa that fixes attitude problems? Jk, in all seriousness Manziel wouldn’t be the WORST choice but he’s also not the BEST.

  • holymomentumbatman#84

    @Immanuel Mueller; I don’t know much about Manziel’s off the field issues, or his attitude, but from just reading an article or two about his stats, abilities, and general on the field performance and results, I can unequivocally say that he is LIGHT YEARS ahead of anything Ponder could ever hope to accomplish. BUT, that being said, I STILL DON’T WANT MINNESOTA TO EVEN CONSIDER DRAFTING HIM…or Derek Carr…or Tajh Boyd…or even Teddy Bridgewater. I WANT them to go after A. J. McCarron first, (if he’s still there at #8), or Brett Hundley out of UCLA, (if HE’S STILL THERE at #8). Although MY personal preference would be McCarron, as a maybe “just in case”, IF Mariota decides to come out, by all means, give him serious consideration, BUT McCarron IS a senior, and that just might make ALL THE DIFFERENCE. From what I understand, though, as of the time my post is going up, ( Tuesday, 12/31, @2:20am ), Mariota has said he’s staying another year at Oregon. Both McCarron and Hundley are WINNERS, they both have astronomical stats, all of the tools, and both have size. But here’s the thing: I REALLY BELIEVE that by the time the Vikings’ pick #8 rolls around, both McCarron AND Hundley will be off the board, long gone, and Spielman will AGAIN show his IDIOCY when it comes to quarterbacks, AND WHAT THEY BRING WITH THEM, and if he’s still there, he’ll get Manziel, and once again, we Viking fans will have nothing to do, AGAIN, but pray.

    • Immanuel Mueller

      I agree, McCarran would be the best choice for us if he’s still there.

  • Johnny

    Nice can’t wait to see how everything shakes out.

  • The Roof

    Get the best OT and draft Tahj Boyd in the middle rounds. Tahj Boyd has much stronger arm and will not jepordize his team by his off field antics. Phil Loadholt as a OG and Jake Matthews at RT will make the Vikes pretty strong in the trenches. Tahj has some Russell Wilson in him and can hit recievers in stride.

    • BigPoofyPants

      That’s not a bad plan.

    • holymomentumbatman#84

      @ The Roof: As I’ve said, I don’t know a whole lot about any of the
      so-called top 10 or top 15 QB’s that the pro teams will be looking at
      the most. I have read some things about most of them, and saw a little
      film on some as well, but would have to do more of that before making
      what I’d call an informed decision. Tahj Boyd looks pretty good from the
      small amount of info I’ve gathered on him, and if he’s consistent
      hitting receivers in stride, and has some RUSSELL WILSON in him, then
      he’s DEFINITELY one to keep an eye (or two) on him. I’ve also heard that
      Manziel was the best of the entire lot, and then again, I’ve heard the
      exact opposite about him. Isn’t he just, like, a sophmore? young ones
      like that who come into the NFL usually get smacked around pretty good,
      so I guess he had better be forewarned. I KNOW the Vikings NEED some
      re-enforcement big time on the O-line, but as bad as we need a future
      franchise QB, (and let’s face it, HE is the heart and soul of most pro
      teams anyway…look around and count ‘em, EVERY TEAM that has playoff
      potential, has a good QB.) I would venture to say that if Spielman and
      Co.doesn’t go QB with that #8 pick, (if, God forbid, they don’t move
      down with it), then there’s gonna be a lot of people regretting that
      decision. Here’s the deal…since I don’t have a great big amount of
      knowledge about any of these boys, but I do have SOME, I’m gonna be
      going WAAAY out on a limb here. I know it’s fantasy land, but ideally,
      I’m going to guess and say that Mariota would be the best prospect out
      there. At least that’s what I hear. BUT, of course, I also hear that
      he’s staying at Oregon. Then, I hear Manziel and Bridgewater in the same
      breath, so I guess you’d “flip a coin”. I’ve seen some stats on the
      both of them, and they’re pretty impressive. The only caveat I know of
      is that, apparently, Manziel has some kind of humongous wind-up before
      he launches the ball, and that means he is taking an extra half or
      entire second to get rid of the ball, and in the pros, that ain’t good.
      Really and truly, it’s a total toss up with the small amount of info I
      have, but Brett Hundley from UCLA, Derek Carr,
      Tahj Boyd looks
      pretty strong, and I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA why he’s nowhere to be found,
      even in the first two or even three rounds, but from what I’VE seen,
      A.J. McCarron at Alabama looks really good. REALLY GOOD. What’s the deal
      with him? Is he not coming out, and instead staying at Alabama? Oh,
      well, it’s easy enough for me to google him and see. At any rate, IF
      Minnesota goes QB with their first pick, I SINCERELY HOPE AND PRAY hat
      the guy doesn’t end up being another JaMarcus Russell, or a Ryan Leaf,
      or a Christian Ponder.

  • BigPoofyPants

    Manziel has amazing passion and talent. People spend so much time arguing intangibles they blind themselves to the truth. He doesn’t have a problem with work ethic or the law. His play is the closest thing to Brett Favre magic since #4 left the league. Go get him.

  • v2787

    Manziel is a self-absorbed, arrogant head case, and he’s the last thing the Vikings need. While the Vikes are desperate for a quality QB, Manziel is definitely not the answer–at least for this franchise. Minnesota needs stability and talent at the QB position. Ponder, Freeman and, to a lesser extent, Cassel just can’t get the job done. Manziel has talent, but he’s emotionally immature and won’t fit the paradigm of what’s needed. Plus–and this may be even more important–I don’t care if the next QB is the second coming of Johnny Unitas: Minnesota can’t win without some good defensive linemen, another decent LB or two, and a secondary.

    • Steve long

      was moss not the anwser when he came here to or was he different i think manziel will be what we need to go on this year