Dec 16, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey in the second quarter of a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mularkey Mulling Move to Minnesota


Mike Zimmer wants to put together a coaching all-star team on the offensive side of the ball. Norv Turner is reportedly on his way to take over OC duties, and now it’s beeen reported that former Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey is considering taking a positional coach job in Minnesota.

Mularkey also has an offer from the Tennessee Titans and is just making up his mind where he wants to work. It’s nice having options.

You old-timers will remember that Mularkey was in Minnesota once before, as a player in the eighties. He’s had multiple stops as a coach in the NFL, including the Steelers, Dolphins and Falcons where he was OC, and Buffalo where he was head coach.

Mularkey has been a tight ends coach in the NFL and that could be his role in Minnesota. He also could be up for offensive line coach, though the Vikings do have a good in-house option at that position in Jeff Davidson.

Mularkey has been out of coaching since being fired as Jaguars coach after the 2012 season.

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  • 3kolu

    Mularkey would be huge, on top of Turner. I don’t care who we have at QB we’ll be in the running. Let’s get it on already.

  • David Mallow

    Is he really what you want coaching the QB here? I mean he hasn’t had a very successful past. ? But if they feel he’s the right guy then I say go for it. I do think that Zimmer and Spielman are going to make all the right moves this time to make this team very successful. ?

  • holymomentumbatman#84

    @3kolu,@David Mallow: I’m not necessarily as enthusiastic about Mularkey coming on board as y’all are, UNLESS they use him as maybe tight ends coach, (he’s got some experience there, with the Steelers, among a couple other teams). He’s also had a little experience as an assistant offensive line coach. The thing that mostly keeps me on the YES side of hiring him is that, from what I’ve found out about him, while he was in Pittsburgh (2000), word is that he had a penchant for trick plays for the offense. So much so that they nicknamed him “Inspector Gadget”. I’ve been a Viking fan for over 40 years…saw A LOT of games, and trick plays are something that Minnesota just doesn’t do, 95% of the time. My guess is that that percentage could be even higher than 95%. AND, after all, he IS a former Viking. It would appear that it is quite possible that Mularkey could make some positive contribution(s) on the offensive side of the ball, and more offensive creativity is definitely something the Vikings could use. Unpredictability. That definitely sounds like something that’s been growing cobwebs in Minnesota’s attic for awhile. I wouldn’t

    use Mularkey for QB coach. He was a tight end, so give him an opportunity at being tight ends coach. I think that Spielman, Zimmer, and Norv Turner should all have themselves a pow-wow, and throw out suggestions as to who would be the best fit for their QB coach. IMO, whoever he turns out to be needs to possess extensive experience and knowledge of the position. You guys should know all too well about Minnesota’s history of putting mediocre and just plain bad quarterbacks on their roster. They’ve had good QB’s that last, that you could count on one hand, since their expansion into the NFL in 1961. All indications (and chatter) point to the Vikings going after a quarterback with their first pick in the upcoming draft, and I believe the prudent thing to do would be for the GM, the Head Coach, the OC, and the QB coach, if one is in place at that time, all to have in depth discussions as to who would be the best fit for the position. Unlike you, 3kolu, I DO CARE who the quarterback is going to be, and I grow more anxious each day awaiting draft day, and see what Minnesota’s strategy is going to be.
    And @David Mallow: I see that you believe that Spielman and Zimmer will make all of the right decisions to bring success to the Viking football team. I’m afraid, IMO, that they have ALREADY made a huge error in judgement by hiring on George Edwards,(former linebacker coach at Miami) as defensive coordinator. One look at Edwards’ past records as a defensive coordinator, (@Pittsburgh in 2000, and @Buffalo in 2010 and 2011), will tell you ALL you need to know about Edwards’ success, (or, in this case, lack thereof) as a defensive coordinator. His numbers were at or very near the bottom of the entire league in all three cases, and so I wholeheartedly disagree with the decision to hire Edwards. It was just a bad move…one that I fail to understand at all. THE ONLY WAY I see him having ANY SUCCESS is for Zimmer to sand watch, and call the shots for him. If they decide to rely on Edwards alone, I’m afraid that our defense is going to see another season (at least) of bad numbers, bad tackling, big plays against them, no pressure on the opposing QB, and a secondary that amounts to crap(except for Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes). I’ll say it here now. If Zimmer isn’t there to hold Edwards up where major decisions need to be made, critical play calling, etc., the Viking defense is in for another long year in 2014. So, here’s the gist of the situation. In addition to a potential franchise QB, the Vikings had better pull off some extraordinary decisions, and pick up, from whatever means, some VERY GOOD TALENT on the defensive side of the ball, to pretty much rebuild the secondary, as I have already said. The reason I keep stressing that point so much is just that when you think about the NFL…they are PROFESSIONALS…the league has become pass happy, and there are more than a few prolific passers hanging around. For the Vikings, the job begins with having to face Rodgers, Cutler, and Stafford twice each year. Sure, there are more than these three that are very good at their jobs, but it is still a daunting task to have to face these 3 twice each season. Would you not agree that your team’s secondary talent is vital? So much for that. There is a need to reinforce the linebacking corps, and I’ll just say this: Minnesota should watch some film of Luke Kuechly, MLB of the Carolina Panthers, and they’ll know all they need to know about what a linebacker should be able to do. Without question, this man is THE BEST MLB in the game today. I’m not going to try and say what should be done up front with the D-line; only that there needs to be adjustments of some type made to get a stronger rush to push the opposing offensive line back, collapse the pocket better, and get more pressure on the QB.
    The Viking O-line needs one or two fresh faces, the wideouts need to practice, practice, practice their route running, while the QB (whoever that might be) develops a chemistry with them to make the critical plays, sustain drives and move the chains, become second to none experts at using the clock, and make trips into the red zone count, and score more touchdowns than field goals. Yeah, I KNOW…it SOUNDS SIMPLE, but we all know it’s NOT. Not in the NFL. Our beloved Vikings have some work to do…a ways to go to get to the next level…to become one of the elite squads…a feared opponent. Yes, there are those who scoff at this notion, laugh in our faces, and call us names. That only shows their immaturity, and spitefulness that they need not even have in the first place. Why? Are they jealous because we have the best looking uniforms in the league, and theirs(hint: the frozen tundra)are ugly? Yeah, that’s gotta be it.
    I’ll just say this in the closing of this book. It looks like the Viking organization is getting serious about winning, and to keep winning. New faces that are winners have begun to congregate in Minnesota’s camp. Everyone concerned, (FANS INCLUDED), needs to get on board, share in this new found enthusiasm that is being shared by the personnel that are putting the puzzle pieces together to take this football team to the promised land. IT CAN BE DONE, and the new coaching staff being assembled are here to prove it.