May 8, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M) on stage with fellow draft prospects before the 2014 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft 2014: Vikings Tried Trading Up For Johnny Manziel, Were Beaten By Browns


Call it the Revenge of the Browns.

In a scenario no one with any rational sense could have seen coming, the Cleveland Browns outmaneuvered the Minnesota Vikings in landing Johnny Manziel.

Per Jay Glazer, the Vikings were trying to make a trade back into the #22 spot overall to grab Manziel, whom they passed on with the #9 selection.

But Cleveland came at the last second with a better offer, got the pick from Philadelphia and took Manziel.

Leaving the Vikings on the outside looking in.

The Vikings earlier in the evening had wrested a fifth rounder away from Cleveland by trading down one spot with them to #9 and selecting Anthony Barr.

The Vikings reportedly had considered trading down farther than #9 but were concerned about losing Barr.

They got Barr, but lost Manziel.

How will fans feel knowing the Vikings wanted Manziel but passed on him, then failed to get him on the second try?

Not too happy I’m guessing.

So the team the Vikings infamously fleeced back in 2012 comes back to make life miserable for them in 2014?

What goes around comes around, I guess.

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  • ugglorr

    I think they lost Gilbert AND Johnny.

  • Kerry Elmberg jr

    Fire spielman we got a few more losing years coming and by the time the new stadium gets here we will have new coaches again no manziel means vikings lose again fire spielman he will end up picking up teddy or aj or worse garapolo crap this losing crap is starting to suck o wait I’ve been watching since 92 and we always get messed over by our office

    • Shaq DaPrince Edwards

      a little extreme dont you think. I think we can win with other qbs such as TEDDY BRIDGEWATER!!!

      • Phil

        Yeah, I love teddy bridgewater. Maybe the Vikings were trying to trade up for bridgewater, because the browns could have selected him. Norv loves Teddy, and he is one of the great offensive coaches, so it worked out

  • Joel Patton

    Ironically, they used the pick they got from the Colts when they traded Trent Richardson, that same player that they drafted in that 2012 trade with MN.

  • Jake

    Who’s to say this report is even legit? And even if they did try to make this trade who’s to say they wanted Manziel? Maybe they wanted Teddy B. here because they were worried someone would grab him.

  • William Holz

    Why are we sure they wanted Manziel?

    I mean, Manziel would’ve been okay in the 20s too, but do we have any evidence that he was the specific player being targeted and this event even happened?

  • brian199511

    Your kidding right? Bridgewater vs. Manziel? Bridgewater is going to kill it with the Vikes and the pick of Barr was brilliant. Seven first round picks in three years! The Pope should canonize Spielman instead of the other two guys.

  • Bob Matthews

    I didn’t want Manziel. I actually wanted Bortles, but was shocked when he went at #3. Then I thought we were taking Carr when we traded back into the first round. However, from everything I’ve heard and read, Turner wanted Bridgewater over everybody, and when he was still there at 32, he pounced. I think Manziel wouldn’t have been a good fit. Barr MAY BE GOOD, but I wanted a top-notch, proven CB, or even Aaron Donald there. The thing is we get bummed out (like I did with the Ponder pick), but you never know. These guys could turn out to be stars, OR Christian Ponders ;-)