Dec 1, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder (7) calls a play during the first quarter against the Chicago Bears at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. The Vikings defeated the Bears 23-20 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

New Christian Ponder Jersey, On Sale For Two Dollars

Retailers of replica football jerseys are petty well convinced that the  Christian Ponder era is over in Minnesota. A Twitter user was even able to find a Ponder jersey on sale for two dollars. Not a used Ponder jersey, a new Ponder jersey. It was $24 but now it can be yours for two bucks.

I’m pretty sure a totally blank jersey with no name or number is worth more than two dollars.

This probably feels like really mean piling-on, but I don’t care. It’s still funny.

Of course, we won’t be laughing if Matt Cassel gets hurt and Teddy Bridgewater struggles and Ponder is forced to come in and play.

There are people out there, believe me, who are convinced that everything is now set up for Ponder to wind up starting and leading the team on a playoff run. That’s what being a Vikings fan does to your brain. It makes you believe in weird, unlikely things.

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  • Fro Buntu

    LOL… But in all seriousness it was brutal watching Ponder start over and over again with such horrible production. Please don’t joke about him starting again.

    • Mike Bridges

      It was more brutal watching our Defense BLOW 4 games in the final 2 minutes. 3 of those games Ponder was the QB, and in the final 2 minutes he gave the Defense a lead to protect, and get the win, and they choked! If you take those games the Defense blew like that, and turn them into wins, the Vikings would have been 9-7 and NFC North champions! Not everything is Ponder’s fault! Yes, he’s not cut out to be a starter but, he has shown he can play the game, and would be best served as a backup. He will be a FA after this year, and he will move on. He should be traded for 4th round Draft pick, and there are teams who would take him as a backup!

      • Bob E.

        Well said.

      • Fro Buntu

        7 TDs 9 INT 1600 yrds passing… Right…

        • JJSamurai

          Yeah, but he rushed the ball in for TD’s when A.P. got stuffed at the line, Add those in too. He had a lot better season than Eli Manning did on the TD/Interception ratio. Also 1600 yards for half a season is pretty good. 3200 for the year while only throwing 20 times a game? You better check yourself, most qb’s get 40-50 attempts a game, CP7 got around 20 attempts a game, so 3200 for half the attempts of someone throwing twice as much is pretty damn good. Theoretically that would compute to 6400 yards a year if you calculated it.

          • Craig Lorenz

            Ponder is no good he averages nearly a int per every td. Don’t sit here and tell me you can win turning the ball over the same amount as you score. He would be a decent backup but backups don’t get paid like his 5th year option would of paid him so sianara ponder have a great life holding a clipboard and getting paid handsomely to do so

          • JJSamurai

            So Adrian Fumbled it 5 times last season, should we get rid of him also?

          • Craig Lorenz

            How many times did Adrian score compared to lost fumbles?????? Then look at ponders int-td ratio and his qb rating…one of the worst in the league last year. Don’t tell me he’s accurate and is worth a 10 million 5th year option. If you do think this then I’m glad you are one to sit on the coach because I guarentee there’s not a team in the nfl who would of picked up his 5th year option or a team that would start ponders. He’s rewarded himself with a career of backup jobs for his “great and accurate” play

          • JJSamurai

            Christian Ponders int/td ratio was not good last year but it was the same as Matt Cassels(and one of Cassels TD’s was when Christian Left the game and the ball on the 1/2 yard line 1st and goal) so technically Christian would have had the better touchdown to interception ratio. Do I think he was worth paying 10 million in 2015, no absolutely not. He is a very accurate QB, but he has to prove himself to be worth a starting position. Christian has had a very up and down start to his career so far. He had a stretch of 6 games where he played like an elite qb in 2012. Drew Brees had losing seasons for 3 full seasons (whereas Christian had a winning season his first full-season) Then his 4th season Brees did well, and then the 5th, and well the rest is history. I would say way too early to give up on him. Of course you continue to have other options but he is worth keeping around, until you have a solution. As far as a career backup, well it worked for Tom Brady until his chance came.

          • Guest

            What QB doesn’t throw interceptions in the NFL? It has a lot to do with the WR’s fighting for position, and the routes they run. CP7 is accurate. He doesn’t throw passes just wildly inaccurate like a lot of quarterbacks in the NFL. At least he is not Eli Manning whose INT’s doubled his TD ratio.

        • JJSamurai

          AP fumbled the ball 5 times and had his worst production in years in 2013, so you can’t give AP the credit.
          About the stats. I have to correct you. First of all add 4 Rushing Td’s which makes his production 11 TD and 9 INT.
          Then Secondly, he only played half the season, so lets say he had no change in his performance. So now he has 3200 yards 22 TD and 18 Int.
          Thirdly, these are technically 3rd down stats, How many times did you see CP7 throw on first or second down? Not very often, which if you noticed he had only 239 attempts.

          Let’s compare them to say one of the top passing QB in the NFL Tom Brady, who gets to throw it whenever he feels like it. He has 628 attempts in a full season. with 4,343 yards.
          So CP7′s attempts would be 239×2=478 478/628 so essentially add 25% to his total
          So considering his play stayed the same, we add 25% or 800.

          So if he was allowed to Pass all the time on the Minnesota Vikings, like Brady is allowed to this would be his stats if his play stayed the same.

          Christian Ponder Passing 4000 yds 28 TD 21 INT. Rushing 378 yds TD 11

          Tom Brady Passing 4343 yds 25 TD 11 INT Rushing 18 yds. TD 0

          Eli Manning Passing 3816 yds 18 TD 27 INT Rushing 36 yds. TD 0

          Lets Calculate total production

          Christian Ponder Total yds. 4378 Total TD 28
          Tom Brady Total yds 4361 Total TD 25
          Eli Manning Total yds 3816 Total TD 18

          Sorry,if I am kind of a Money Ball kind of guy, but I analyze things very carefully.
          Of course this is all just a what if CP7 played out the season and was allowed to throw the ball as often as Tom Brady or Eli Manning get to throw the ball.

          That’s why I say. We don’t know what Christian Ponder is capable of?
          The stats obviously argue that he could be one of the Elite if he was in a pass heavy offense.
          His production is higher than Tom Brady and his TD total destroys Eli Mannings stats.

    • JJSamurai

      How is a QB, going to have good production when the defense can’t make the other team punt? Or when the QB is only allowed to throw it on 3rd and long? You can’t have great production throwing the ball 20 times a game period.

  • jacknine

    Give it a rest, OK?

    • trinity

      Why should he? I think it’s funny lol. Ponder is horrible.

      • jacknine

        We not only get it, we got it along time ago. There comes a point where beating on a guy who is down is just unseemly. BTW, he is still a professional athlete, multi-millionaire, married to a beautiful woman, maybe this just makes you feel better?

        • trinity

          Lol calm down dude. I’m a FOOTBALL FAN. I couldn’t care less about his personal life. As a FOOTBALL FAN, I can’t stand Christian ponder the FOOTBALL PLAYER. And so I happen to find this funny. If you don’t, that’s fine. You’re entitled to your opinion, just as I’m entitled to disagree with your opinion. Period.

          • JJSamurai

            You are a douche. I apologize, I never really bag on people, but you are really stupid if you are a Vikings fan. Name 3 better back up quarterbacks in the NFL that are better than Christian Ponder. Right now he is a top back up in the NFL, with not only potential to be a starter again someday, but probably will start if not for Minnesota, it will be some team. He has done an Amazing job for 1) Not getting to call the plays he wants, 2) Only getting to pass on 3rd down, and blitz without a good out option plan. Look at the few times when he went no huddle and called his own plays, the offense ran smooth and productively.
            Don’t get me wrong, he has some growing to do, and I think he is too nice at times, and needs to get fired up and take things into his own hands more often. At least he doesn’t yell at his Offensive line when he gets sacked like Cutler does.

          • trinity

            First, kirk cousins, Michael Vick, and matt Flynn. Second, your idea of him doing “great” is him failing, then becoming an afterthought in his own organization, and then claiming that he is better than BACKUPS?? That alone is laughable, and then when you consider where this guy was picked in the draft, it becomes clear that the only one here who is fucking stupid is you. And I find you sadly funny in the way that most idiots are. Christian ponder is a failure and a bust. Pure and simple. But hey, keep embarrassing yourself by trying to say otherwise. I could use the laugh hahahaha.

          • JJSamurai

            Michael Vick isn’t a back-up he is in the same situation Matt Cassel is in. Kirk Cousins? Matt Flynn?. Well lets compare and see the first 3 years in the NFL.

            Kirk Cousins: QBR: 68.6
            Matt Flynn: QBR: 55.47
            Christian Ponder QBR: 77.9

            So who is stupid? Your Pathos and ill suited hatred for CP7 supersedes your cerebral capacity to process information
            Wow, I guess you are right I am really stupid, and apparently so is Mike Zimmer, Norve Turner, and Rick Speilman as well, because CP7 will be taking first reps at training camp. Yep, you heard me right. I am a pretty good judge of potential. You obviously have no maturity, class or dignity, that is apparent, and usually intelligence goes along with these traits. So, lets just leave it at that.

          • JJSamurai

            Wow, You are just proving my point. MIchael Vick is not a Back up QB. You think Geno Smith is going to beat him out…you are mistaken. .
            Here are the QBR of the first three years of these QB’s

            Kirk Cousins QBR 68
            Matt Flynn QBR 54
            Christian Ponder QBR 77.

            So, who is embarrassing themselves?
            If I am stupid then so is Mike Zimmer, Norve Turner and Rick Speilman, because they are giving CP7 first team Reps this year.

            So, looks like someone doesn’t know as much as they think they do ehh Trinity? So go back to eating donuts and thinking you know and talking trash about NFL athletes. Cause that’s what you seem to do best.

          • trinity

            Sigh. Wrong yet again. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Vick justconceded that there is no QB competition. Geno is the starter and he is officially the backup. You are probably scratching your head in confusion right now, so I will suggest you go look it up. You know, so you can maybe actually know what the hell you’re talking about.

            As for the backup quarterbacks, those guys are more talented than ponder in my opinion. If you want to take ponder over them, then good luck, because you would surely need it. Ponder is an afterthought in his own organization. But, I guess we should take your word over what’s clearly happening right?

            Ponder is getting first team reps? Wow! Gee! He is sure going to be tired after that strenuous workout! Not to worry though. He will have plenty of time to rest, when he’s riding the bench as the 3rd string quarterback next year lol. Your position is laughable, and you’ve bored me with your stupidity. So go ahead and have the last word. You don’t mean enough for me to even bother replying.

          • JJSamurai

            Regardless of who starts. Michael Vick is not a Back up Quarterback. He is not being paid as a back up quarterback. Trust me, Michael Vick is there to start if Geno doesn’t pan out. He is not there simply as the highest paid back up in the NFL.
            “Think McFly”

        • Fro Buntu

          Lol, Ponder is that you?

  • trinity

    Hahahaha this is hilarious. May as well give ponders jersey away for free. I wouldn’t even pay two bucks for it. That 2 dollars can buy a mountain dew ;). After all,a soda is much more valuable than Christian ponders jersey hahaha.

  • manbearpig01

    that’s a kid’s jersey. stupid.

  • MikeH123

    I would buy that for a dollar (Bixby Snyder on Robocop)

  • JJSamurai

    That’s BS. What authentic Jersey is $24 new and goes to $2, You can’t even get a Ryan Leaf or Tavaris Jackson jersey for that. People like to bag on Ponder, and I think everyone will feel really stupid when he comes into his own. He has played less than 2 years and made it to the playoffs, albeit he had percy Harvin for half the season, and A.P. putting up some yards. Give the kid a break.

    • Craig Lorenz

      Ya ap putting up the 2nd most yards ever.

      • JJSamurai

        2nd most rushing yards, AP is amazing, but he had to be he was handed the ball almost every down. He had the Opportunity to be great. CP7 did not. I think they will both be better with a more balanced approach.

  • Turdd Ferguson

    To be fair to Ponder, he came into a shit situation, with shit coaching, and a shit mentor in Lazy tub of shit McNabb, with a shit playbook. Oh, and there was the lockout that didn’t help matters. Did he let a lot of people down, yes, but he never gave up, unlike a lot of Viking fans. He’s still a Viking, support the team or go root for the Packers, you’d fit right in with their fan base.

    • JJSamurai

      Thank you very much. Read my stats post above. We don’t know what a healthy Christian Ponder could do in a good pass heavy offense. Maybe he would fail, but his stats suggest otherwise.