7 Days of Draftsmas: Vikings Take Percy Harvin With #22 Pick

Whatever Percy Harvin said to Brad Childress during their little parlay late this week obviously impressed the Vikings coach, or at least put to rest any concerns he may have had about Harvin’s character; or maybe the Vikings just liked Harvin so much that they couldn’t resist taking him regardless.  Whatever the case, Percy Harvin has now been drafted by the Vikings, baggage and all.  He seems a slightly odd fit for an offense that isn’t exactly what you’d call up-tempo, but maybe Chilly hopes that, with Harvin’s talent in the fold, that offense can now be re-styled.  There is no denying that Harvin has tools; the only question is, will he be able to stay on the field?  Remember that, after failing the drug test at the combine, he comes into the league with one strike already against him, putting him one more infraction away from a four-game suspension.  It’s the same tightrope the Vikes walked with Jared Allen, but this time the player is nowhere near as proven a commodity on the field.  Let’s hope Chilly and Rick Spielman know what they’re doing with this kid, who has headache written all over him.