The Vikings Logo as a European Soccer Badge

photo credit: Football as Football


The site Football as Football has gone and done an interesting thing. They’ve re-imagined the logos for all 32 NFL teams as European soccer badges. Some may regard this as yet another example of soccer’s ever-more-odious influence on America, but I think it’s kind of cool. Aren’t we all a little tired of the regular logos we see emblazoned on everything all over the place?

I wish teams would adopt these logos and start putting them on stuff. Why not? They already offer tons of alternate jersey styles and helmets and crap, why not alternate logos too? Wouldn’t it be cool for the Vikings to wear their European soccer badge on their headgear once a year in place of the horns?

I know people love the horns, but the badge is cool too. It’s very Viking. A big Viking sail. They’re sailing off to ransack someone (hopefully not someone with a good quarterback). Think of all the extra stuff you could sell. Teams love selling extra stuff. Come on NFL teams, hook up with these people at Football as Football. Let’s get this rolling.

Check out the other 31 re-designed European soccer badge logos at Football as Football (it may take a minute to load; those guys are getting plenty of traffic today).

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