5 most disappointing Vikings in the comeback win vs. the Colts

(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) Jalen Reagor
(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) Jalen Reagor /
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Ed Ingram – RG

Ol’ Ed. The guy was just starting to get some love the last couple of games, as his play had progressed from putrid to just plain gross. He had a tough draw against a very talented Colts defensive line, and, not surprisingly, he was outmatched. DeForest Buckner had his way with him, and much of the pressure that Kirk Cousins faced came right up the middle.

That isn’t the reason Ed Ingram is on the disappointing list again. Sure he was overwhelmed by the men over him, but that is to be expected. The reason he makes the disappointing list is that he ONCE AGAIN TRIPPED KIRK COUSINS!

Seriously how can one guard trip their quarterback so many times in a season? This is at least his third time killing a down by tripping his quarterback. How does this keep happening?

Does Ingram have giant feet? Does he take a very wide step with his left foot? Is he trying to sabotage the team? Whatever the reason, it needs to never happen again.

Ingram needs to change his technique to ensure this doesn’t happen. When you are down 33 points in a game, you can’t be handing downs over to the other team.

The same goes for the playoffs. Minnesota will be facing very good football teams and can’t afford to be losing a down because their rookie right guard has sloppy technique. This needs to get cleaned up immediately.