The Vikings visit an old friend


Sept. 9, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice (18) drops the ball after being tackled in by an Arizona Cardinal defender in the first quarter against Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE

Two seasons ago the Seattle Seahawks acquired two former Viking players, Tavaris Jackson and Sidney Rice. At the time, Rice was a top ten receiver with loads of potential. Jackson was a backup to that favore guy and other than being body slammed against the eagles after throwing a pick-6 to Asante Samuel in the wild card card game in 08′, I don’t really have any other memory of his Viking days. Enough about him. As i mentioned Favre was apart of the Vikings in 09′ and that was the year Favre took advantage of Rice’s 6’4 stature and really got teams off balance. This allowed for the run game to open and what do you know the Vikings were in the NFC Championship. After that year, Rice was out for most of the next season with injuries and was dealt to the Seahawks after he learned his good pal, Tavaris was going there as well. Its safe to say it hasn’t worked for Jackson in Seattle (now a Buffalo Bill) but Rice has come along with rookie quarterback Russell Wilson. This Sunday the Vikings will visit the Seahawks and i don’t know about other Viking fans, but i have a gripe with Rice. The Vikings are missing what Rice gave them and its showing. I was surprised Rice went with Seattle because at that time they really were headed nowhere, but he did and I want nothing more than to see him come across the middle and…sorry…you guys get me right? I just think with Rice the Vikings would have the best young offense in the league. Think about Ponder’s options: Rudolph, AP, Harvin, and Rice? I know it will never happen, but with the problems we have right now in the passing game I couldn’t help but think about it. Of course I do not wish harm on any player in the league and i think I’m not alone when i say I just really do not want him getting anything on our defense.

With Chris Cook out, it will be up to A.J. Jefferson and Josh Robinson to cover the outsides. It will be a tough matchup for the Vikings especially with Marshawn Lynch running the ball the way he is, however, if the Vikings can make them one dimensional it will help take stress off the defense.