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Meet The Team

Adam Carlson

Adam is a lifelong fan of the Minnesota Vikings. He loves horror movies...especially zombies. You can check out his work on FanSided's The Viking Age or listen to him talk about football on The Purple People Podcast. You've probably shot him playing Call of Duty or Overwatch.


Adam Patrick

Adam has covered the NFL since 2013 for a number of online publications including The Comeback, USA TODAY, Pro Football Spot, and Awful Announcing. For the past six years, he's been the Editor of The Viking Age covering the Minnesota Vikings, a team he has been covering for the last 10 years.


Ben Donahue

Over 25 years of experience in sports including coach, athletic director, game day operations, media relations, football operations, and scout. Ben is the author of the book "The Rise of Washington State Football: The Erickson and Price Years." The book will be published by Arcadia Publishing/The History Press in August 2023.


Cameron Ellis

Cam Ellis is a staff writer covering the NFL for FanSided.

Cole Middleton

Vikings fan since birth, currently living on the east coast. Loves all things Vikings and the NFL Draft. When I’m not obsessing over the Vikings, you’ll find me obsessing over the Yankees, Celtics, and Devils.

Chris Schad

Chris was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota and has been a Minnesota sports fan at heart since birth. Along with his roots, Chris has written about the team on various websites since 2011 including Bleacher Report, The Yahoo! Contributor Network, Cold Omaha (now known as Zone Coverage) and Pro Football Spot. He is also the host of "The Homer Horn" podcast that also covers the Vikings.


Clay Vasquez

Clay is a diehard sports fan that has been cheering for the Angels, Vikings and Thunder since he was young. Born and raised in Texas, sports were always a large part of his life, as is the way in the Lonestar State. A graduate from the University of North Texas (Go Mean Green!) he is excited to write about the teams he loves most.


Nik Edlund

A longtime writer and vice president of operations for www.draftseason.com. I absolutely love the NFL Draft and bleed purple from every orifice.


Ryan Heckman

Ryan Heckman is an NFL staff writer for FanSided, covering all 32 teams across the league. Ryan has written and edited thousands of articles with a decade of experience in the industry. His work has been featured on Bleacher Report and Sports Illustrated among other publications. He loves Jesus, family, and sports in that order. If he isn't writing, Ryan is building Legos with his son, playing Disney princesses with his daughter, drinking coffee or lifting weights.


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