Johnny Manziel Skips Super Bowl to Work On His Game


Dec 31, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Texas A

People think Johnny Manziel is all about the bright lights and the parties and the other distractions that come along with being a big-time athlete. But Johnny Manziel wants to change that perception, show people he’s willing to set aside the party life and work on improving his game.

That’s the message Manziel is sending out by electing to skip this weekend’s Super Bowl festivities in New York and remain in San Diego working with QB guru George Whitfield Jr.

Manziel’s agent told Ian Rapoport that his client has also turned down several potentially lucrative marketing offers in order to keep his focus on football.

Will teams who might otherwise have been inclined to pass on the notoriously party-hungry Manziel be swayed by this show of prudence or will they see it as the deliberate ploy it seems to be?

Or do teams not care one way or the other how Manziel spends his free time? Are teams even factoring in Manziel’s “character” when considering his draft prospects?

Teams may be more concerned about Manziel’s on-field limitations than his off-field antics. Manziel has plenty of arm and great scrambling ability, and he’s shown a certain genius for improvisation, but there are concerns about his build, his durability and his ability to adapt to a more pocket-centered NFL game.

In other words, Manziel doesn’t just need to make it look like he’s doing the work, he actually needs to do the work. A lot of work.

Kudos to him if he’s really grinding as hard as he wants us all to think. I personally wouldn’t care a lick if he took a couple days off and went to the Super Bowl. It’s not that big a deal one way or the other.

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