Minnesota Vikings say farewell to superfan and legend Prince


The Minnesota Vikings were lucky to have a fan as awesome as the charismatic and entertaining musician Prince, who everyone will miss following his passing.

It takes a powerful loss to put an entire world in pain. When news broke through TMZ that music superstar Prince had been found dead in his recording studio, many fans around the world went into mourning.

One thing that Prince was never shy to share was his love of the Minnesota Vikings. As a big fan, he could often be seen at home games and even wrote a song titled Purple & Gold in honor of the team. Of course, the Vikings were a great fit for Prince, as purple was kind of his thing.

Prince owned purple EVERYTHING. Purple motorcycles. Purple guitars. Purple cars. It just appeared as though the color purple made the amazing musician feel comfortable. Even his cult classic film Purple Rain showed his love for everything purple, plus introduced much of the world to Morris Day and the Time and help spread funky music to the masses.

One of the best Prince moments of all time was his performance at Super Bowl XLI, when he was caught in a downpour in Miami Gardens, Florida. Prince absolutely rocked the halftime show, entertaining the live crowd and millions at home with his popular songs like Let’s Go Crazy and Purple Rain while sprinkling in short covers of songs like We Will Rock You and All Along The Watchtower.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the fantastic show that prince put on, be sure to watch this awesome video from YouTube hosted by ItsMeMCV on YouTube.

The Minnesota Vikings didn’t hide the pain of their loss. In honor of the superfan and superstar musician, the team’s official social media sites changed their profile pictures and backgrounds to show Prince. Here is their Twitter account, showing some Purple Rain and a large banner of Prince:

Minnesota Vikings twitter account
Minnesota Vikings twitter account /

Personally, growing up in Minnesota made it easy to be a big fan of Prince. Him, along with Bob Dylan and Soul Asylum helped shape much of my youth by hearing their songs on the radio. Even after Prince’s mainstream hits have settled and he was considered a legend in the industry, he continued making great music to make people feel good and get funky.

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Prince will be missed by a world full of people. His enigmatic style, amazing musical accomplishments, and films will never be forgotten and he will always be a part of the Minnesota Vikings as even in death, there is no stopping Prince from loving the purple and gold. May he rest in peace.