Cordarrelle Patterson: Is he worth a fifth-round pick?


Cordarrelle Patterson could be traded at the end of camp in exchange for a fifth-round pick, one major media figure has suggested.

Has Mike Zimmer been saying nice things about Cordarrelle Patterson in hopes of pumping up his trade value? That’s the hypothesis being put forth by at least one major Twin Cities media figure plus umpteen message board posters, Redditors and blog commenters.

This media figure said via the online version of the outfit that currently pays him that Patterson, who last year produced two receptions for ten yards, could possibly be dealt for a mid-round pick (via 1500ESPN):

"A fifth-round pick in a minor trade near the end of training camp, for instance, would be better than nothing."

Better than nothing? At this point I should think the Vikes would be ecstatic if they could even get that much for a guy who if you’re lucky will give you maybe ten impact plays in a season, all on special teams.

The thinking here of course is that there’s a team out there willing to take a chance on Patterson with the thought that he could still be utilized as a weapon at wide receiver.

Is there a creative offensive coordinator out there who could get something out of Patterson as an X-factor? I know of at least one who has proven he knows how to successfully manufacture touches for Patterson. His name is Bill Musgrave and he currently works for the Raiders.

A team like the Raiders could see the potential in Patterson and be willing to cough up a fifth, I suppose. But to my mind, the Vikes would be lucky if they can get a seventh.

Of course it’s always possible that the happy-talk about Patterson has nothing to do with drumming up a trade market and everything to do with the Vikes’ sincere belief that Patterson has turned a corner in his maturation process and is ready to realize some of the promise people thought he showed coming out of Tennessee in 2013.

Remember, the Vikings themselves have taken steps this year to add new voices to the offensive mix, hiring Pat Shurmur to help Norv Turner diversify his predictable scheme.

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Could a coach like Shurmur concoct new and successful ways to use Patterson’s not-inconsiderable skills? The Vikings may be hoping that is the case.

At any rate, there is nothing to lose at this point by talking up Patterson. Whether you’re trying to build trade interest, or you’re genuinely attempting to encourage Patterson to continue getting better, the Mr. Positive approach might be the wisest way to go about things.