Taylor Heinicke will miss time for dumbest reason ever


Taylor Heinicke will miss three months after injuring himself doing something really dumb.

The mystery is solved on Taylor Heinicke and his leg injury and the story is kind of dumb.

Why did Heinicke show up for camp with a cast on his leg? According to ESPN, he engaged in some risky behavior and wound up suffering the consequences.

Heinicke and his buddy were out and when they tried to return to his buddy’s apartment they found themselves locked out. So of course they did the smart thing and called a locksmith?

No, they did the dumb thing and Heinicke suffered the consequences:

"Heinicke tried to kick open the door and cut his foot while breaking through the glass pane on the door. There was no foul play or substance abuse involved in the incident, the source said."

Should I be relieved to know there was no substance abuse involved? So Taylor Heinicke isn’t drunk he’s just really dumb?

Maybe Taylor Heinicke is secretly a baseball player. Breaking a window and ripping up your foot is the kind of thing a baseball player would do.

According to ESPN, Heinicke will be out three months as he recovers.

In the meantime, rumors are swirling that the Vikings will take a look at recently-released former Eagles and Rams QB Nick Foles to possibly push out #2 Shaun Hill.

And of course don’t forget about the golden-tressed former Wisconsin Badgers QB Joel Stave.

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Thanks to Heinicke’s concern for his buddy, the Vikings’ quarterback situation has been thrown into a bit of disarray.

I hope his buddy (who is not an NFL player) realizes how big he owes Heinicke. I mean he owes him HUGE. I don’t know how his buddy ever pays this one off. This is going to cost him more than just a six-pack.