Bleeding Purple Podcast, Episode 67 – Hunter staying put

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) Danielle Hunter
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) Danielle Hunter /

The Viking Age’s Adam Patrick and Vikings Territory’s Tyler Haag go over Danielle Hunter’s new extension and other Minnesota Vikings recent news.

For the second time this offseason, the Minnesota Vikings have agreed to a contract extension with one of their top young players. This time, the extension went to 23-year-old defensive end Danielle Hunter.

Hunter is now under contract with the Vikings until 2024 and his new deal could end up paying him over $70 million. It’s quite the accomplishment for him considering the Minnesota defensive end was considered a project when he was drafted just three years ago.

On this week’s Bleeding Purple Podcast, Tyler and I talk about Hunter’s new contract and other Vikings-related topics including…

  • Danielle Hunter got PAID
  • Sports Illustrated’s oral history on the 98 Vikings
  • Randy Moss was terrifying as a rookie
  • Who will the Vikings extend next?
  • Vikings fan base gets disrespected again
  • Top 5 Vikings off-the-field shenanigans
  • New training camp rules for fans
  • Tyler’s review of the TCO Performance Center
  • Applebee’s sucks
  • David Carr’s top 10 QB list is garbage
  • Don’t pull a JPP this Fourth of July

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