5 former Vikings who could come out of retirement and still play

(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) Randy Moss
(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) Randy Moss /
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(Photo by Vincent Muzik/Getty Images) Randy Moss – Minnesota Vikings /

Randy Moss – WR

It’s true what he says, “they don’t play the Playstation like us.” What that means is that a talent like Randy Moss doesn’t come around very often. He’s a true genetic freak in every sense of the word and it’s that freakiness that would allow him to still produce solid numbers even after having been out of the NFL for seven years.

Moss is only 43-years-old and I’d put money saying his 40-yard dash is still below 4.5 seconds. Even without playing for the last seven seasons, his god-given talent doesn’t just go away. It wouldn’t be one bit surprising to see him step on an NFL field and be able to produce at a fairly high level.

Moss didn’t have great quarterback play his last couple years in the league, having caught passes from quarterbacks like Vince Young, Kerry Collins, and Colin Kaepernick. If he returned to the Minnesota Vikings, he’d be catching balls from Kirk Cousins, and those two could be a deadly combination. Moss in his prime was simply uncoverable, and Cousins excels at putting the ball in places only his receiver can catch it. If he got the ball even remotely close to Randy, there’s a high chance he’d come down with it.

There’s no chance that Randy Moss makes an NFL comeback, as he’s already in Canton and has done a great job converting to an on-air analyst. However, his skill set is rare, and there’s no doubt this legend could still put up numbers in the NFL if he wanted to.