4 worst decisions made by the Vikings during the 2020 offseason

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(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) Sean Mannion /
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Not extending Zimmer and Spielman

Prior to Mike Zimmer taking over as the team’s head coach, the Vikings were a franchise in disarray. Zimmer took over the reins and since then, he’s transformed Minnesota into a team that is constantly competitive each and every season.

Despite the Vikings having a losing record in just one of their six seasons under Zimmer, the head coach only has one year remaining on his current contract and so does general manager Rick Spielman.

Together, Spielman and Zimmer have put Minnesota in a position to succeed every season. If these two are let go after 2020 because the Vikings ownership has basically just grown impatient, who knows how long it could set back the franchise.

The majority of the best teams around the league are the ones who have, at the very least, kept the same head coach around for longer than four years.

Just look at organizations like the Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New Orleans Saints. Each has been able to be some of the most successful teams in the entire NFL during the last decade in part because their ownership remained patient with their head coaches even through some of their most disappointing seasons.

Zimmer and Spielman have earned some more patience from Minnesota’s owners and both should be given extensions before the start of the 2020 season.