6 reasons why the Vikings will be better than the Packers in 2020

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(Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images) Ifeadi Odenigbo /
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Rodgers is not the same quarterback he was six years ago

This one always incites controversy. It shouldn’t.

Aaron Rodgers has the best passer rating of all-time. Like, ever. He’s a Hall of Fame shoo-in, won a Super Bowl, and is probably the best Packers player to ever put cheese on his head.

It’s equally as true that Rodgers will be 37-years-old in December and that inevitably every athlete in the history of humans ages and declines. And so it goes for Rodgers, too.

In 2014, Rodgers finished the season with a sacrilegious passer rating of 112.2. Wind the clock forward five years and Rodgers’ passer rating was 95.4 last season. In other words, he had the second-best passer rating of all quarterbacks (behind Tony Romo) in 2014, and his ranking in 2019 was 12th.

It does not have to be an insult that Rodgers is aging and subsequently slowing down. Put simply, he’s not as good anymore.

What Rodgers does have going for him is that he does seem to play well in the most opportune moments of games. That will likely be the “last thing to go” if history is any indicator.

With the Vikings signal-caller, Kirk Cousins, the opposite is occurring. He is still in his prime, and his passer rating has spiked with Minnesota in comparison to his stint with the Washington Football Team.

Rodgers’ stock is statistically trending downward while Cousins’ has been inching upward. If you can set bias and emotion aside, this is common-sense stuff.