What the Vikings can expect from new safety Lewis Cine in 2022

(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) Lewis Cine
(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) Lewis Cine /
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Minnesota Vikings
Lewis Cine (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

The Good


Lewis Cine can line up as the single-high safety and cover plenty of ground in the process. Given how much Harrison Smith loves to move around and play near the line of scrimmage, this would make that much easier for the defense.

His speed from the back end allows Cine to play a violent brand of football that can change the landscape of the franchise. After two years of soft defense, the Vikings are changing the culture with a speedy, versatile safety in Lewis Cine.

Violent nature

The Vikings have lacked a true identity since 2019 and have finally made an effort to fix that with this selection. In the run game, Cine does a great job of seeking out the play and laying the wood as he flies downhill. He is a willing and productive tackler that will be a major help in that area for the Vikings.

High football IQ

Despite all of the talent that Georgia had on the field, Lewis Cine was the leader of that unit. He led the defense from the secondary and made an impact when the others could not.

Cine flashes with intelligence and instincts that bolstered his case for being a first-round player in this class. He will do a lot of things well as soon as he steps onto an NFL field and pairing him with Harrison Smith will do wonders for his development.