5 young QBs the Vikings could trade for in the 2024 offseason

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Quarterback No. 4

Trey Lance (Dallas Cowboys)

One can see this and easily say, "Why didn't the Vikings trade for Trey Lance last season?" That's a good question and maybe Kirk Cousins always being healthy up to that point was part of the reason, but now it's an avenue they should consider.

There's no doubt that Lance has been a bust to this point in his career. The 49ers gave up the farm to move up and get him, and he never came close to cashing in that investment.

He started four games for San Francisco, throwing for 797 yards, five touchdowns, and three interceptions. He ran for 235 yards and a score on the ground. Those numbers are skewed because of the season-ending injury he suffered late in the 2022 season, but before that, he wasn't looking like the future.

Lance does possess a huge arm and can take off and make plays with his legs. However, his accuracy has been an issue, as well as his decision-making.

He's currently the Cowboys' backup, but perhaps the Vikings could offer some picks and pry him away. They got a close look at him in 2022 when the teams had joint practices that preseason. They know what he can do and what he needs to work on.

Maybe their passing on him a season ago shows what they think of him, or maybe they just weren't looking for a quarterback when he was moved. Whatever the case, Lance still has upside, and maybe the Vikings will bring him in if they believe they can help him reach his potential.