6 biggest disappointments of the Vikings 2023 season

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson
Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Disappointment No. 4

Minnesota's record at home

This one is mind-boggling and also disappointing.

The Vikings were horrible at home this season, as they finished with a 2-6 record inside U.S. Bank stadium.

How is that even possible?

Where was the disconnect that Minnesota couln't find the extra motivation from the roaring fans in the stands, the pregame hype, and the in-game hype that occurs during a home game?

How did the Vikings' players not perform better when they didn't travel the day before and didn't have to sleep in some bed that wasn't their own?

One would think knowing they can go home after a game and not get on a plane would be motivation enough for Minnesota to play extra hard and perform better than when they are on the road.

There should also be some pride amongst the Vikings players to defend their home turf and not let opposing teams win so that they don't do something like mock the Skol chant in front of Minnesota's fans who dished out a lot of money to watch them play.

Maybe this is on the fans? U.S. Bank Stadium is a raucous place, but were they not loud enough this season?

Did the turnovers and injuries to the Vikings' star players make them less excited to root for their team, which made it easier for opposing teams to run their offense?

Who knows what the exact reason is, but the fact Minnesota had almost no advantage when playing on their home field in 2023 was extremely disheartening.