6 intriguing prospects the Vikings should watch closely at the 2024 Senior Bowl

UCLA pass rusher Laiatu Latu
UCLA pass rusher Laiatu Latu / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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Offensive Prospect No. 1

Bo Nix - QB (Oregon)

The Vikings need to find their quarterback of the future in the 2024 NFL Draft. They'll try to trade into the top three, but if they can't find a dance partner, they need to do their homework on the next tier of prospects, and one of those guys will be Oregon's Bo Nix.

Nix is a highly regarded prospect who has ideal size, plenty of arm strength, and a quick release. He is also very athletic and can avoid pressure in the pocket, extending a play.

He can also use his legs to take off and pick up yardage on the ground. He throws a nice back-shoulder ball and can throw the ball from many different arm angles.

Some knocks on him are that he tends to play hero ball and forces the big play when it isn't there. He also comes from a one-read-and-throw type of offense and isn't used to going through progressions.

Early reports from the Senior Bowl haven't been good regarding Nix's performance. His accuracy is off as he's both short-arming receivers, and then on the next play, he will overthrow them.

He's a rhythm passer who hasn't been able to find his groove. In his defense, he's playing with new and unfamiliar targets and taking the snap from different centers. While that is true, this was an opportunity to solidify a first-round grade, and so far, that hasn't materialized.