6 intriguing prospects the Vikings should watch closely at the 2024 Senior Bowl

UCLA pass rusher Laiatu Latu
UCLA pass rusher Laiatu Latu / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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Defensive Prospect No. 1A and 1B

Byron Murphy - DT (Texas) and T'Vondre Sweat - DT (Texas)

Okay, so maybe this article should be named seven players the Vikings should pay close attention to at the Senior Bowl because we are going to lump these two big Texas dudes together.

We aren't lumping them together because they are similar talents, as they are quite different, and there's even an outside chance the Vikings end up with both of them.

The Vikings need to find their version of Chris Jones, a guy who can control the line of scrimmage, take on multiple blockers, and create havoc all by himself. Murphy can be that guy.

He's big enough to plug running lanes and also explosive enough out of his stance to blow by blockers and get to the quarterback. He's athletic enough to play inside or outside, and he could be utilized in multiple ways by Vikings defensive coordinator Brian Flores.

Murphy is considered by most to be a top-20 talent, and the Vikings coaching staff needs to get a good look at this kid and see if he's worth taking at 11 or not.

T'Vondre Sweat is just a big ol' giant of a man. He's 6-foot-4 and 360 pounds. For such a huge man, he's got quick, violent hands, and once he gets moving downhill, he's quite fast.

The Vikings can take him and plug him in the center of their defensive line, instantly improving their run defense. Sweat can eat up blockers or push the pocket while freeing up the linebackers to fly in and make the play.

There are questions whether or not he can be a three-down player, but having a man that size on the Vikings' defensive line is something the team needs and hasn't had in many years.