Matt Birk Thinks Tarvaris Jackson is Ready

Matt Birk (who remains disgruntled about his contract situation as far as I know) appeared on KFAN’s Power Trip Morning Show, which is hosted by his old buddy Mike Morris, former Vikings long-snapper.  Naturally the conversation turned to QB Tarvaris Jackson and whether he’s ready to take the next step and become a viable leader for a team that otherwise would appear poised for a big-time run in the NFC.  Mr. Birk said of Tarvaris:

This is the year.

Do I think he has what it takes? Absolutely! Is it going to be ups and downs, bumps in the road? Absolutely. But I think he’s coming along. … I think he’s got what it takes. Obviously, it’s a big year for him and a big year for us, but I feel very good with him being our quarterback.

It’s nice to see Matt’s issues with management aren’t hindering his ability to put a positive spin on a situation that pretty much everyone is anxious about, including the other players and the coaching staff.

Quarterbacks already have a lot of pressure on them as it is, but the pressure on Tarvaris is even bigger than usual because of the moves that were made this off-season.  You don’t spend big on Bernard Berrian and Madieu Williams, and then trade high draft picks and spend even more dough on Jared Allen, if you don’t expect to make 2008 your year.  Tarvaris Jackson, quite simply, has to play well this year, or the whole thing was for nothing.

And if T-Jack doesn’t play well, the hammer will come down on Brad Childress for hitching the wagon to such a lame horse.

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  • thelandryhat

    I watched a lot of Tavaris this past year, because a friend of mine is a Vikes fan. I don’t mean to be a jerk, but this kid is not….all.

    He is just not impressive. He reminds me a lot of Quincy Carter, which was a pure disaster for the Cowboys. Sure, he had flashes of mediocrity, but when it came down to it, he was just awful.

    My 2 cents

  • danzinski

    Thanks for cheering us up.

  • JD

    Never thought of it that way. But Quincy Carter may be a good comparison in if he does fail as a QB, but Tavaris seems a litte less cocky and a lot more focused than Carter. Plus he hasn’t been busted for violating the substance abuse policy yet. And until he does that, he’ll never really be as bad as QC.

  • Ryan

    Hah, this guy is an idiot. Quincy Carter at one point was going to be the face of the Cowboys untill he screwed all that up with the subsance abuse policy. T-jack is less cocky, less ignorant and has twice as much talent and potential, non Vikings fans only say he sucks because they are judging him by the Bears and Skins games that were “Primetime” which were the only games they could have seen him play. Don’t believe these jackasses that try to come in and bring the vikes down, were the only ones that saw his strides and the great plays he made.

  • thelandryhat

    I am sorry but anyone who is touting “T-jack” as someone with twice as much talent as Quincy Carter is the idiot. He doesn’t even have better career stats than Carter did. Give me a break dope.
    Less cocky? Less ignorant? What the heck are you talking about?
    WHatever, guys. Build a franchise around him and watch your team turn into a bunch of disgruntled players who want out because this kid is, in fact, another Quincy Carter on the field.

  • thelandryhat

    You passed on Joe Flacco. Big big boo boo

  • BlackJosh

    I love the idea of deciding a players future based on his first season starting. Fact is, the team was 8-4 when he started…and that Tarvaris was only 2 years removed from a Div 1-AA program. Honestly, he has the physical tools to be a competent, if not great, NFL quarterback and he just has to learn the position. To throw him out now, when he has shown flashes, is stupid.

  • JD

    First of all, Ryan, it’s pretty hard for anyone to even take you seriously when you start out your arguement by calling someone else an idiot for subscribing to a different opinion. It doesnt quite scream discerning intellectual nor does it help him at least see your point, nor be willing to. As for landryhat, you snarky little Pakers troll, his stats we’re pretty much in line for a 1st year starting qb. Yeah, it sucks not having an elite “for-sure” qb, but most teams don’t have that luxury. And with this running game, we don’t need much for a qb. Say, let us know how you enjoy uncertainty at the QB position these next 3-4 years. I can’t wait to see you put your money where your mouth is and defend Rogers or Brohm. This is gonna be a good ride…

  • DA2213Viking