Jason Witten, Typical Cowboy

Jason Witten clearly never read “How to Make Friends and Influence People.”  If the tight end wrote a book himself, it would probably be called “How to Intimidate Rookies and Destroy Their Confidence.”  “Chapter 1:  How I verbally bitch-slapped second round draft pick Martellus Bennett even though he never did anything to me.”  Witten’s book would likely not include Mr. Bennett’s version of events, as recounted by Tim MacMahon of the Dallas Morning News:

Rookie TE Martellus Bennett recalls a rather harsh response after asking Jason Witten for help early in training camp: “I’m not going to be [beep] doing this all the [beep] time. You’ve got to know what the [beep] to do.”

Mentoring skills.  Witten has defended himself against allegations that he’s a giant ass by pretending it’s all part of some larger strategy:

[Bennett] says it all the time: “Jason doesn’t like me.” It’s not that I don’t like him. It’s just that I’m letting him figure it out. He’s got to figure it out first, and once he does, obviously that’s where I come along.

He’s got a good position coach that pushes him, obviously. When he’s ready for it, I’ll definitely be able to talk to him and push his buttons. But you’ve got to figure it out first, and he’s well on his way to doing that.

Sounds like you’re already pushing his buttons Jason.  Hard.  And angrily.  This wouldn’t have anything to do with Bennett being a talented young player who’s out for your job would it?  You’d think a guy with your credentials would be a little more secure in himself.  I doubt Jay Novacek, who believed in himself in a way you obviously don’t, ever went that hard on a rookie.  Then again, it’s possible you’re just a genius of motivation, and that Bennett will grow into a Pro-Bowl tight end under your harsh tutelage.  Either that or you will so destroy his fragile little rookie ego that he winds up slinking away to a life of mopping floors at ShopKo.  Jerk-ass.

To read more on Dallas Cowboys jerkiness, hit up my old post, The 10 Greatest A-Holes in Cowboys History.

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  • http://thelandryhat.com thelandryhat

    Your ignorance is glaring in this post. If you had any idea about Martellus Bennett and his approach to the game so far, you could understand the alleged response from All-Pro, Pro Bowler Jason Witten. As of right now, Martellus Bennett has been lazy, loose and lackadaisical. He doesn’t listen to coaches and he’s been childish. If I were Witten and he came to me, I would say the same thing to him. Try listening and learning and then come to me. You may regret this attack post.

  • danzinski

    Yes, I shall regret it, when the wrath of Cowboy fan comes raining down upon me like a biblical deluge.  Oh woe is me….

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  • http://thelandryhat.com thelandryhat

    No, the problem is you are dead wrong and way off base. You just did this to attack Witten. That doesn’t fly with us. Get ready for the wrath of which you speak. Get ready.

  • steamroller78

    Where was Hershel Walker at in that post. I must have missed it. Anyway, if any team was to hate the Cowboys it should be you guys. Thanks for the three rings. Suckers!

  • JD

    yeah, i read it and you’re way off base.  By “get it” he means shape up or ship out.  Stop whining and bust your ass like everyone else.  And when you start actually learning the game you can start asking questions.  But until you start doing the minimum of what’s expected of you we will be on you like white on rice.  It’s like hazing, mental conditioning.  Adam jones was out of the league for a year and you never hear of him complaining, precisely because he fell in line.

  • danzinski

    Adam Jones?  Oh you mean Pacman.  I apologize for not obeying the Pacman decree that he no longer wants to be called Pacman.  Once a Pacman, always a Pacman.

  • nate

    you are such a douche. typical moron column from another idiot from the second mistake by the lake.

  • Staubach

    If you read the blog on that paper you would read that JW is trying to get this lackadaisical rookie to work harder as he has been a disappointment. And since you want to make generic statements, what is a typical Viking? A Super Bowl loser? ;-)

    You guys assited in us making the Hail Mary famous when Drew Pearson caught that pass on you in 1975. So my thanks to the Vikes for being part of our history

  • Tiddy16

    Wow i was gonna jump in and tell you how ignorant you sound, how you obviously have no idea what is going with our guys and that you are more than likely just jealous that we have a pro bowl tight end and another pro bowl tight end in the making.  How your best receiver (Berrian) couldnt even touch our tight ends, but it sounds like my fellow fans summed it up nicely so theres no need.

  • http://raisingzona.com AZScott

    Cowchips fans can dish it, but I guess have a hard time taking it.  They can’t stand it when someone provides a little harsh criticism of their players.  Can’t blame them, they are a devoted bunch.  To what cause I’m still trying to figure out.  Nice ending to the post.  Great job!  I like to see a little mixin it up.

  • danzinski

    AZScott -

    It doesn’t take much to get them riled does it?

  • http://thelandryhat.com thelandryhat

    Dorkinzki, you haven’t even felt the brunt of the force coming. Prepare yourself.

  • danzinski

    Sorry, it was just a one day bit.  I’ve moved on.

  • Tonyromo

    Whoever wrote this post is dumb and should really really really consider committing suicide. It is apparent that you have no friends so just do the world a favor and kill yourself.

    P.S.-I am your real dad

  • Staubach

    Hey, It is all good practice to get on the Jim Rome show ;-)

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hey azscott, i got an uncle that lives in cottonwood az. he’s a packer fan. he says that the cardinals are the laughing stock of the nfl. he’s embarrassed for the great state of az to be stuck with such a glob of shit on there shoes like the cardinals. if i were you i’d be more worried about losing your great wr anqoun boldin. he’s one of your best, and he can’t stand to be there either. go write a blog on that. and my other uncle lives in MINN. and is a vi-queen. yeah you little bitches. just had to go after my man jason. well as soon as you guys develop someone that can catch like witten than you can have the right to bash him. oh, yeah you’ll need someone who can throw too….. my uncle is all yellin about peterskin, this and peterskin that…. well if peterskin goes down you guys ain’t shit. we have a balanced squad, and a good D and that’s what it takes to win. i asked my uncle, what have you guys got offensively beyond peterskin??? he can’t answer me. oh, you got berrian. get some one to throw it!!!!!!!!!! oh, we got rice, still get someone to throw it. you got travarious?????? hahahahahaha and you guys are bashin witten??????come on look at your self. you guys just better hope like hell, like i told my dumbass uncle, that peterskins upright running style does’nt catch up with him, cause i see him takin a piss poundin this year, and he’ll never make 16. i don’t wish that!!!! but i see it happening, so wipe your own ass first, then you can sniff around ours, my uncle is just ass bad. all you vi-queen fans are frickin retarded

  • Brad

    Wow this guy seems to be real interested in the Dallas Cowboys.Look Jason Witten is far from worried about his job to a rookie UHHHHH he was the best tight end in the NFL last year.You sound like another jealous fan boy that hates the Cowboys.Write about the Vikings……….Wait I will do it for you the Vikings are another so so team that have a few good players take away AP and they are trash.So shut the fuck up  about a players personality when you dont know him .You  are writing about a story that someone else wrote…Come up with your own stories dig a little deeper you do your job dork