Mad Chilly

Coach Brad Childress was unamused by the flood of gaffes that led to the Vikings‘ 30-17 defeat at the hands of the no-account dirtball Tennessee Titans.  Especially irksome were the numerous turnovers, which helped the Titans build a big first-half lead.  “Turnovers are the No. 1 statistic in this business,” Childress said.  “I thought they had a belief in the certainty coming down here that we would win this football game. It’s disappointing to not only me, but to our football team.”

Childress also didn’t appreciate all the penalties, many of which led to difficult down-and-distance situations.  “To beat yourself and not be zeroed in … that ends up being focus and concentration. I don’t know how many times today we were first-and-10, back to first-and-10, or second-and-9, back to second-and-14. It’s hard to continually overcome those things.”

And the refs also got on Childress’s nerves.  One play in particular has everyone on the Vikings fuming – a first-down awarded to Justin Gage despite replay clearly showing he had not gotten forward progress beyond the line (the Titans ended up scoring a touchdown).  “[The official] ruled [forward] progress,” Childress said.  “His progress was stopped. From what I was seeing, the progress didn’t make the line. I got something about ‘We don’t have that many cameras at the game.’ Clearly that wasn’t a first down, and you are not going to convince me that was a first down.”

You’re right Chilly – it wasn’t a first down.  You got robbed on that play.  Too bad you can’t blame the refs for all the fumbles, penalties and general brain-farts that ruined most of the rest of the game.  Your team has no discipline or poise under pressure.  It also has no clue how to manage the clock.  It can’t even get lined up right on the first play of a series.  What did you do all training camp, watch High School Musical and sip sodee pops?  Get it shored up you bald doofus or get the frack out of town.

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