Jeff Garcia is Not Going Back to Tampa

Sec119RayJay of The Pewter Plank thinks the Buccaneers‘ re-signing of Luke McCown all but seals the deal on Jeff Garcia leaving Tampa – and he couldn’t be happier about it:

I pined last season for Luke McCown to be the Bucs QB and with the signing of this contract, it appears he will certainly get that chance in 2009.   He is a great fit for Jeff Jagodzinski’s offense with his mobility and arm strength.

The best news for me is that this almost certainly spells the end of the Jeff Garcia era in Tampa.  I will now take two shots of Patron and rejoice in my office.

Nothing like some middle-of-the-day celebratory imbibing.  As long as you don’t get carried away, and end up awaking in some strange person’s bedroom with a facial tattoo and a receipt from a fly-by-night Vegas wedding chapel.

Anyway, back to Garcia:  It appears that Jeff would concur with Sec119RayJay’s assessment of the implications of the McCown signing.  As Jeff told the Tampa media in a text message:

It looks like they have decided to go in another direction with the signing of Luke. I’m happy for him and his family. He has worked hard and is a talented player.

This was all mere formality of course – everyone has known for weeks that Garcia would not be returning to Tampa, and would therefore be hitting the market.  His name has come up as often as anyone’s in connection to the Vikings‘ opening at veteran back-up/possible starting quarterback, and indeed, his positive experience as Donovan McNabb‘s temp replacement in Philly‘s version of the WCO a couple years back would seem to point toward his being a natural guy to at least look at.  Then again, if Brad Childress wasn’t interested in him when he became available back then, what’s to make us believe he would be interested now?

Well, there’s desperation, for one thing:  The desperation generated by knowing you only have Tarvaris Jackson, Gus Frerotte (who should be gone soon) and John David Booty on your roster.  A desperation that is sure to be compounded once it becomes clear that neither Matt Cassel nor Brett Favre are going to be available at anything resembling a reasonable price.  In other words…like it or not, we may have to settle for Garcia – a guy who, in age and lack of arm strength, greatly resembles Brad Johnson; and who only surpasses either Johnson or Gus Frerotte in scrambling ability, something he is always one good shot to the knee away from losing.  This guy is a last resort and a last resort only, as far as I’m concerned.

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  • Mike

    I disagree Favre will be too expensive.  The Jets will release him to free agency.  Favre wants to play only for the Vikings so will make a fair deal for the chance to win a super bowl.  Favre will not continue to play for the Jets.  If the Jets don’t release Favre (and his $13 million salary cap), the Jets will lose their 2009 season because they will remain $12 million over the salary cap (far more than any other team), be forced to release many players (or restructure contracts), and still have no starting QB.  If the Jets release Favre, they will be $1 million under the cap and can release fewer players to get a QB.

  • reggie

    i disagree strongly with the statements above.  Garcia did farely well in tampa with virtually no running game with the backs constantly getting hurt and one good wr. 

    When he first came to tampa he lead them to the playoffs.  Second year they were 9-3 and the defense fell apart allowing like 200 yards rushing a game last 4 games for the bucs to fall to 9-7 and miss the playoffs.  I think garcia can still make plays and would be good fit for the viking for a year or two.

  • jeege

    I have to admit, Garcia has never been high on my list for the Vikes…but if he’s the only one available…

  • jeege

    There is, of course, always Josh Freeman!

  • Restless

    I so Disagree with what you are saying. I would rather have Jeff as the starting Qb than anyone else.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    garcia has the experience and intangibles that many qbs don’t offer the vikings?

  • Mike

    The Vikings should go with Garcia, TJ and Booty and pick up Favre later.  The Vikings should avoid Cassel because he is too easily sacked, not familiar with the West Coast Offense, expensive for both salary and draft picks, unproven, and risky.  Moreover, Cassel closes the door on all other options including the future of Booty who unlike Cassel actually started at UCS and asked to be drafted by the Vikings.