NFL Combine: Mark Sanchez Falling? Pat White Rising?

The combine is causing draft projections to get reshuffled almost too fast to keep track of.  What we do know – or at least think we know, based on what “experts” are telling us – is that USC‘s Mark Sanchez is losing his luster, while West Virginia‘s Pat White, viewed previously as a gimmicky Wildcat guy and not a legit quarterback, is gaining admirers.  Here’s what SI’s Tony Pauline said about Sanchez:

Sanchez struggled most of the day and may have pushed himself out of the draft’s first 10 selections. He was accurate throwing between the numbers, but Sanchez sprayed the outs and was very inaccurate with his deep outs. Most worrisome is Sanchez showed marginal arm strength and on a number of occasions receivers were slowing up in their deep patterns as his passes were underthrown.

In other words, he’s probably closer to John David Booty than Matt Cassel.  The farther he falls, the better chance the Vikings would have of trading up to grab him…but if he’s really as weak-armed as that assessment suggests, why the hell would they want to?

The news is better on Pat White, who won this rave from SI’s Don Banks:

Score one for collegiate experience and a little old-fashioned perseverance, because of all the quarterbacks who threw on Sunday in Lucas Oil Stadium, none looked better than West Virginia’s Pat White, the record-breaking senior passer who many have been trying to project as anything but a quarterback.

White threw the ball accurately and with authority in his quarterback group, looking poised and comfortable in an unfamiliar setting that has thrown many a highly-ranked quarterback off his game. White was especially strong in throwing deep outs, which always catch the eye of NFL scouts.

“I’ll tell you who looked good today and that was Pat White,” one longtime NFL offensive assistant coach told me. “He really helped himself with that workout. He made people recognize him as a quarterback.”

Most had this guy pegged as Tim Tebow-light, but now it seems he’s being taken seriously as a potential regular quarterback.  Maybe he’ll be there in the second round if the Vikings want to go that way…or maybe he’ll rise all the way into the first round, if people keep saying such nice things about him.

One more thing: I noticed some people advocating for Kansas State’s Josh Freeman.  Apparently, Mr. Freeman did not impress many people with his combine workout.  Tony Pauline called him “erratic” though “not terrible” and suggested he won’t go till the 2nd round.  Obviously, whether the Vikings are even looking QB in this draft will have everything to do with what happens in the trade and free agent market the next few weeks.

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  • Teek

    White would be an asset to any team that would pick him up. everyone goes around throwing the wildcat term around, but no one seems to recognize that Pat has the capabilities to function under any offensive strat. I’m sure some starts would favor his style more, but he could be taught to follow any route without problems. WVU fans KNOW and have known about Pat for YEARS. It’s only a surprise to the ‘experts’ just starting to watch him. if any of them had watched more than 2-3 clips they might have been better informed and not come off as fools when Pat showed up all the other guys at the combine. My wish would be for Pat to get picked up as backup to take over when McNabb’s contract runs out in 2, but I know the Eagles won’t go that route. As long as the Lions don’t get him I’ll be happy, because Pat deserves better. I think If the Vikings pick him up, it’d be worth their while if that’s the route they wish to take. I’d keep tabs on his games wherever he went, just don’t expect me to convert.

  • Nan Blanks

    Quick tidbit I am willing to best just simply on university programs alone (usc vs uwv)  that sanchez not pat white will start and play in more nfl games in his career despite his so called poor showing at the combine. He handled the helm in usc for a good a good season and I am pretty sure that will translate into prudent nfl success!!!

  • hermsone

               I am sure that Mark Sanchez will be a better quarterback then Pat White. I am afraid that White will not be able to take a beating like an NFL quarterback has to take. This is not college. I like Pat as a trick play artist and a good WR. Everybody puts down the Pac-10, but it is better then most give them credit.

  • Jerrod

    Hey Nan,  Booty went to USC too.  How’d that work out for the Vikes?

  • Chris Allen

    Being from WV I have watched Pat White beat teams that were considered much better than WVU, especially bowl games.  He’s a solid, serious young man (you won’t have any wacky problems with him) plus he’s a WINNER!  First player to ever win 4 bowl games, crazy runner, fast, and and he has taken hits.  He’ll be an asset to any team lucky to get him.

  • TiggiePurr

    I’ll let Pat’s feet do my talking and they will take him all the way to the bank!

  • G Nuck

    Nan Blanks you are a grade A dumbass (sorry younger eyes) and I hope you read this.  The college you attend means some bit but Marc Sanchez isn’t nearly the athlete of mr. White.  Frankly he couldn’t hold his jock strap.  Futhermore, for Patrick to out throw this “highly skilled” pro-style QB even furthers my point.  Don’t get me wron, Marc Sanchez is a great football player and an awesome young man from what I’ve heard.  However, for you to place him above Pat simply over college attended is absoloutly absurd.  I see Mr. White having a very successful career ( knock on wood) and even if football fails a person of his stature will accell in anything he does. . . . by the way, watch some football its WVU no “uwv” idoit.

  • micah

    i would love to give pat white a shot what do you have to lose? if he does not pan out as qb he can always be a wide receuver

  • shane